Do you need small business SEO services? You’re a go-getter, an action-taker, and a business owner who’s thrilled to have your online presence out there in the world. So why isn’t anyone coming to your site? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy that optimizes your website to see a higher rank in search engine results.

It’s true you won’t rank on the first page of Google for every keyword, blog post, or page you create. But that’s why an SEO strategy is more critical than ever. You need ongoing effort to rank different keywords, improve your site, earn backlinks, and send out signals to the search engines that you deserve to rank. Otherwise, you end up languishing on the second or third page of the search engines without much traction. Results on the second page of Google have a CTR of less than 1% for each position. So this study only focuses on the first page of search results.

When SEO is a Big Deal

Free SEO Auditing San DiegoReady to see more traffic to your website or ecommerce shop? Here’s why small business SEO services are crucial and how they can propel your business towards success.

Your Local Service Business Needs to Stand-Out

Some experts will say you don’t really need SEO if you have a local service business, but that gives your competition a chance to dominate Google. Your local service business needs some SEO power to reach #1 in the search results and stay there. The good news is if your market isn’t saturated, you can quickly gain traction on your efforts. But it does take action. Local search also requires some specific nuancing, including using location-specific Pages and an About Us page.

Your Site Speed is Slow

Sluggish site speed is more than a nuisance for customers; it can dramatically impact your bottom line. According to Unbounce, a 100-millisecond delay in load time could cause your conversion rates to drop by 7%. Unfortunately, there are so many things that pull down your site speed that you need an expert to help or some patience and research on best practices to figure it out for yourself. Large graphics and images, using the wrong plugins, and a problematic website theme is just a few ways that site speed slows and requires some intervention from small business SEO services.

You Sell Physical Products from an Unknown Ecommerce Store

The team at Digital Nomad Designs worked with hundreds of ecommerce store owners and knew getting started is daunting. With so much competition, you need a comprehensive strategy to get seen. Most of your competitors are focusing on social media and running Facebook or Instagram ads. Although that can be effective, here’s the problem: Research shows that 81% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase online.

If organic search spurs so much ecommerce sales, then why don’t more shop owners do it? Small business SEO services are a long game and require consistency and focus to see results. You also need the right strategy to succeed. Simply focusing on using the right keywords will only get you so far. You also need to consider Page creation, a content strategy, UX, UE, and more. The pay-off could be huge. SEO drives 1,000%+ more traffic than organic social media.

You Don’t Have Any Quality Backlinks to Your Website

Seo Companies San Deigo - DNDBacklinks, or inbound links to your site, are a powerful way to earn more SEO results. The backlinks are a signal to search engines that your content is valuable and reputable. Unfortunately, they’re not easy to earn. Some people spend countless hours on epic content and then try to convince relevant sites to link back to it. Other business owners will focus on guest posting with the hopes of earning a backlink or mention. These strategies can be effective but can also yield mixed results for a ton of effort.

Part of the cornerstone of Digital Nomad Designs’ small business SEO services is earning consistent backlinks. Our clients see impressive results, and our SEO case studies speak for themselves.

When SEO Isn’t a Big Deal

There’s no doubt that SEO works and is an integral part of your business or elevating your online presence. But is there ever time SEO isn’t a big deal?

You Get Nonstop Traffic from Social Media

Despite how much more traffic you’ll earn from organic search, you may be fine if you’re getting nonstop traffic from social media. For example, if you run a large and engaged Facebook Group, you may not need to pour countless hours into small business SEO services. Just remember that social media channels can change their rules, algorithm or shut down your Group at any time without notice. You want not want all of your traffic and leads to come from a single platform that you can’t control.

Your Referral System is Rock Solid

Small business SEO Services - Digital Nomad DesignsA referral system that yields success may be enough to sustain your business, especially if you’re turning away new clients and customers. However, you could end up putting yourself in a vulnerable spot. Just like the social media concept above, your referral system could start to slow or stop working as effectively as you want. And if you decide to change your business model or tweak your services, you may have to start building up a new referral system from scratch.

Your Product or Service Is Super Niche with Low Keyword Competition

So what if your product or service is so small, specific, and niche that you can dominate the keyword competition? You may not need much push on SEO to see results and can save yourself some time. However, focusing on small business SEO services could supercharge your results quickly with some consistent effort and put you ahead of the game with little effort.