There’s tons of buzz out there about selling products through Shopify, but did you know you can also use it for your service-based business? You can still enjoy all of Shopify’s built-in tools and resources while promoting and selling your business. There are no limitations regarding what you offer, but it takes the right approach to earn the traffic and conversions you’re looking for. Here’s what to know about Shopify for service-based businesses and how to take the next steps.

Showcase Your Personal Brand

If you’re an individual looking to build a personal brand, especially in areas like coaching, consulting, or public speaking, Shopify offers an excellent platform to showcase your unique skills and services. Between Shopify’s seamless dashboard management and our ability to creat custom dynamic pages, you can create a site with a more personalized approach.

We help create custom pages (that are still easily editable) that narrate your personal journey, achievements, and the unique aspects of your brand. These pages can include detailed biographies, professional milestones, and personal stories that connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Here are some examples of personal brand sites we’ve done in Shopify:

To see the sites above, just Google the following: Dean Stott, Emily Frisella, Jesse Piccolo, Alana Stott.

Sell Services Through Your Shopify Store

Let’s start with the services you’re selling. Whether you’re a cleaning company that needs a website, are selling writing services, or are a pet-sitting company, you can get up and running with Shopify as your platform. Simply set up your services like a product to sell or link through to a booking form for a free consultation.

There are plenty of free Shopify templates to help you get started, but to make your site stand out, you should work with a Shopify Partner who can customize your site. Our team will help you make the most of all the available plugins and tools available to help you grow your traffic.

Launch a Subscription Based Business Model

Subscription model businesses are lucrative for their solid, recurring revenue potential. They also work well as a Shopify store and earn repeat traffic. As your traffic and conversion grow, so does your organic SEO.

Google notices people are landing on your site, staying, and converting and is more likely to rank your site high. Need an example to get inspired? Digital Nomad Designs works with subscription models, like FitTrax, that prepare and ship recurring meals to individuals, families, and athletes.

Rent Out Your Products Online

In terms of what’s happening on your website, there’s not much difference between renting out your products and selling them. When you list a product for rent, someone can add it to their cart and fill out the relevant details. With the help of some online forms and calendar apps, you can schedule your delivery and pick-up of the item you want to rent. Get inspired by this success story on how a mannequin rental business turned to Shopify to power its online website.

Offer Consulting

There’s no reason you can’t use Shopify for service-based businesses that sell consulting. But really, anything you sell through Shopify is a type of ecommerce solution, whether or not it’s a service or a product. Consider selling video consultations directly through your site or an online booking system to sell your services.

Create a Hybrid Product and Service Business

It’s possible to take a hybrid approach and sell both products and services directly from your Shopify store. It’s an ideal way to increase your average value order and give your clients or customers more of what they’re already looking for.

Our team helped WAYT Nutrition use Shopify to sell supplements, vitamins, apparel, and nutritional and fitness programs. The combination of physical products and consulting helps create complimentary revenue streams for a more satisfying customer experience looking to improve their health.

Benefits of Selling Services Through Shopify

Shopify isn’t necessarily at the top of mind when it comes to selling services. But its clean interface, selling tools, and intuitive framework make it a no-brainer for just about any business. There are scores of other benefits of using Shopify, including its built-in mobile-friendly templates, integration options, and incredible marketing and SEO tools.

Digital Nomad Designs is a Shopify Partner specializing in the Shopify platform and its proprietary apps, plugins, and marketing tools. You can get started on your own or work with a team of Shopify designers who are fluent in UX, UI, SEO, A/B testing, and finding solutions their clients need to succeed. It could mean the difference between spending years teaching yourself everything you need to know about building and maintaining a high-converting website or actually running the business you have.

Next Steps

Are you interested in using Shopify for service-based businesses? Digital Nomad Designs offers everything from basic website packages to SEO and website maintenance so you can focus on working on your business instead of in it. Whether you want to sell services or products, we can help you design and launch a high-converting business. Book a call to discuss your next project!