Learn how to capture more leads with Shopify appsRunning and launching a Shopify store comes with moving parts, from stocking inventory to working on on-site SEO. Fortunately, the right Shopify apps and streamline your workflow and improve the customer experience without the extra work involved. Here are five recommended apps for your Shopify store to help with everything from capturing leads to building out beautiful, custom pages with no experience required.

1. Gather More Email Opt-ins

Email opt-ins can help convert future customers and keep your leads warm all year long. The right Shopify app can improve the ability to capture leads through popups, embedded forms, and exit opt-ins, among others. With so many methods to choose from, make sure to A/B test your results and try different ideas to increase sales. 

Recommended Shopify App: Mail Munch. Mail Munch takes five minutes to set-up and is free to get started building your audience. This Shopify app also comes with the ability to segment your audience. Use the analytics feature to understand who is visiting your shop and what they’re doing once they’re there to increase sales. In addition to forms and popups, you can create your own high-converting landing pages with MailMunch, as well as send personalized emails to your customers.

2. Earn More Product Reviews

Product reviews offer the social proof your customers are looking to take the chance on their next purchase. And it’s not just a few people glancing at your reviews. According to the Spiegel Research Center, nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before purchasing. 

Even bad reviews can actually be good reviews in disguise. For example, someone who found your academic day planner too robust with too many options would still appeal to someone looking for a comprehensive solution to map out their entire year from start to finish. 

Recommended Shopify App: Judge.me. Use a combination of photos, video, and Q&A to build in all of the social proof you need to increase your conversions. Jude.me also allows customers to upload their own images and automatically prompts for reviews after purchase so you can focus on other areas of business building. 

3. Upsell Your Way to More Sales

Sell more by upselling your customers on more products or enhancements and increase your average order value (AOV). Shopify apps allow you to upsell on a product page, a popup on a shopping cart, or even after checkout is complete. While your AOV increases, so does the user-experience.

Recommended Shopify App: UFE (Upsell Funnel Engine). This one-click upsell app for your Shopify store also comes with an upsell funnel to sell in bundles, volume discounts, or individual items. 

Sell more online with social media apps4. Get Social

Showing off your social feeds can keep customers updated and your brand on the top of their minds. If you’re already updating your Instagram feed, an app on your website also keeps your site looking fresh. Update regularly with photos of your products and services in action to entice customers to click and buy.

Recommended Shopify App: Instafeed. Combine the ability to browse and click at the same time with Instafeed. The app is shoppable so customers can make purchases as they browse. It also creates more social proof and can even help get your Instagram feed get discovered to continue growing your audience and converting more customers.

5. Build More Pages

Even Shopify store owners with no coding skills can build out pages and create a look they want. Use an app to build more custom pages using a drag and drop builder. Of course, there are limitations with Shopify in building pages outside of the theme template. When you are ready to fully customize your Shopify presence, Digital Nomad Designs can develop an ecommerce strategy for the design, best apps, and SEO.

App recommendation: ShoGun. Shogun works with any theme to build out pages and funnels or edit what you’re already using. There are also done-for-you custom homages, product pages, and landing pages ready to go so you can drag and drop your way to a finished shop.

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