Ever wish you had more customer emails to sell to your audience again and again? Lead magnet ideas, or lead generators, provide valuable content to your potential customers and prospects. The idea is to offer value in exchange for their email or phone number to ultimately sell your products or services to the right person. When done correctly, the results can also be impressive. According to the Marketing Insider Group, subscribers lead magnets with relevant and useful content can increase your opt-in rate by almost 85%.

Unlike a case study, which can also provide useful content and convert hesitant customers, lead magnet ideas are specifically designed to capture someone’s information. Lead generators can range from hours of video content to a simple checklist, but should always align with your niche and sales objectives accordingly. 

If you’re not sure where to get started, consider these 10 lead magnet ideas for ecommerce brands.

Offer an interactive quiz as a lead magnet for your ecommerce brand.1. Create an Interactive Quiz

An interactive quiz can give you more clarity about what your potential customers are looking for and generate leads at the same time. Ask questions about their pain points, struggles, needs, or their lifestyle that your product or service can improve.

A quiz can be especially helpful if your product needs some explaining or requires some feedback from the customers to find the right fit. Sonno Zona turned to Digital Nomad Designs to help with their website and generate more leads. Their interactive quiz is simple, straight-forward, and gives customers more peace of mind and clarity about what to buy. 

2. Host a Giveaway

Hosting a giveaway generates buzz about your product and can increase engagement on your social media channels. SS Airsoft asked us to help with their lead generation, and we came up with the chance for a giveaway when customers signed-up for an email list. Not only did the giveaway generate more leads, it received scores of social media attention and engagement as their target audience spread the word.

3. Offer a Checklist

Depending on your product, a simple checklist is an easy solution to generate more leads and still provide value. The lists should provide value and a resource for customers who need help simplifying an issue in their life. Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Healthy eating ingredient checklist
  • Easy workout gear checklist
  • Travel planning checklist
  • Back-to-school wardrobe for kids checklist

There’s no rule that says your checklist should feature a gorgeously design, but it can help elevate your brand and increase your credibility with your audience. Look for a free checklist template online, or ask a designer to help dress up a PDF for you.

Host an online challenge as a lead magnet

4. Host a Challenge

Challenges are a high-impact way to create engagement and goodwill with your audience. Ask customers to sign-up in exchange for a weekly email, video, or social media challenge:

  • Lose X Inches in X Months
  • Learn to Cook 5 Healthy Meals in 1 Week
  • Carve Out 1 Extra Hour a Day 

The challenge should relate directly to your products or niche and offer an opportunity to upsell customers at the end of the challenge. Even if customers don’t end up buying your products, you’ll end up with valuable testimonials and a higher level of engagement on social media.

5. Launch a Video Tutorial Series

Video tutorials help customers quickly solve a problem and gain confidence at the same time. It’s also a savvy way to increase customers’ know, like, and trust factor with you. The more they see your face and results from your tutorial, the more likely they are to see your brand as a trustworthy product for purchase.

6. Offer a Free Trial

Ecommerce brands with subscription boxes or services can convert more customers with a free trial. Offer a small sample of your protein powder or module from your business building course for free to customers who aren’t sure if they want to buy. Sweeten the deal by offering a free coupon code after they receive their sample to secure the sale.

7. Generate a Coupon Code

Speaking of coupon codes, there’s a reason why so many brands offer them to new customers. It’s a simple way to make a quick sale after someone signs-up for an email list. Make sure to nurture the relationship and offer value to customers after the sale to avoid quick unsubscribes. Some brands even offer coupon codes to sign-up after the first purchase is already made. That way you can continue warming up your audience to convert into future sales.

Host a webinar or Facebook Live as a lead magnet

8. Host a Webinar or Facebook Live

Webinars are relatively easy to create and host in real-time with software like GoToWebinar or Google Hangouts. Or give your social media engagement a boost by hosting a Facebook Live that can continue being shared after its live broadcast. Like any lead generator, make sure your content is valuable to consumers through helpful advice, a tutorial, or thought leadership. Once you’ve provided the value, it’s time to offer a sale with a coupon code or early bird pricing to convert the most customers.

9. Offer Free Advice

Everyone loves some free advice once in a while, especially if it can immediately solve a pressing problem. Offer to hop on a free Discovery Call for a mini-coaching session to talk customers through an issue and upsell them on a package afterward. Or create a useful guide answering your customers’ top three questions with a thorough video or comprehensive guide to pack in the most value possible.

10. Give Away a Course

Whether you sell a physical product or a service, an online course is an effective way to earn more leads. Build a video course that walks customers through how to effectively blast their abs or disinfect their kitchen from dangerous toxins. Now that you’ve provided customers with the how of fixing their issue, you can sell them the products that help them reach their goals. 

Final Thoughts

The right lead magnet ideas are just the first step in capturing audience’s attention and keeping them coming back for more. You may need to A/B test your lead magnets and results to find a winning combination for your brand and products. Creating value is also paramount for success, as well as giving customers’ a reason to convert and buy from you. Want to talk to the team at Digital Nomad Designs about your product and lead magnet ideas? Book a free call here for questions and to discuss your project further.