The list of countries offering digital nomad visas is rapidly growing as more people want to hit the road. From Europe to the Caribbean, there’s a spot for you to appeal to your sense of culture, climate, and costs.

In a hyper-connected world, it’s never been easier to connect with customers and grow an online business. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its share of challenges, especially when you’re globetrotting. From the good to the bad, here’s what to know about running an online business on the road with your digital nomad visa in hand.

Your Digital Nomad Visa Helps You Stay Compliant with Local Laws

Following local laws isn’t just about staying compliant; it also helps the countries you’re living in generate income and keep their doors open to other digital nomads. The last decade spurred a wave of digital nomads, but that doesn’t mean it was entirely legal. Some situations do not require visas at all, like doing some work for your employer while you travel. Other countries may have specific rules about generating income in their country long-term. And other locations may look the other way entirely as long as you’re not accepting work from your host country.

Before applying for a digital nomad visa, make sure you actually need one. If you’re only staying somewhere for a few weeks and aren’t working for a local company in your host country, you may be able to stay and work without paperwork or with a tourist visa in hand.

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You’re Re-Inspired By Local Culture

Travel has a way of giving you new eyes to see the world. If you’re feeling burnt out by your business, settling into another country with a digital nomad visa could help reinvigorate your imagination. From unique ecommerce product ideas to new service business ideas, you’re likely to find new inspiration when you’re completely out of your comfort zone and usual environment.

There are Taxes to Consider

Splitting town doesn’t leave behind your tax liabilities and paperwork. If you live in the United States, you’ll still need to pay and file U.S. taxes, even when working abroad. It’s also essential to find out whether or not your host country will exempt you from paying local taxes. The unexpected tax burden in multiple countries could impact your profit margins and mindset for success while traveling the world. Speak to your accountant before you finalize your plan; they may be able to suggest legal ways to lower your tax liability and keep more profit in your pocket.

Not All WiFi Is Created Equally

Unreliable, spotty WiFi is a major obstacle for many digital nomads hoping to build a business that travels with you. Youth hostels to Airbnbs and luxury resorts all struggle with WiFi if the country does not have robust connectivity and infrastructure. It’s wise to travel with a portable router and invest in external wireless to boost to standard wireless. Looking for old-school Internet cafes is also an option in some countries, as well as hard-plugging with an ethernet cord to get connected.

Above all else, manage your deadlines and client expectations. It’s crucial to give yourself a margin of error for your independent location business to deal with poor WiFi, travel delays, and illness.

Working in Paradise Is Sometimes Torture

Have you ever dealt with irritated clients, tax forms, paperwork, and bookkeeping while the sun is pouring through your window and the ocean is crystal clear? It’s not easy to work on the road when all you want to do is play outside and enjoy your adventure. Getting excessively detailed about your schedule is necessary when you have a digital nomad visa and plan to stick around. Get up earlier, batch your work, and leave plenty of time to play with a schedule that honors why you wanted to start traveling in the first place.

You Need a Support System (Beyond Other Digital Nomads)

Running a profitable business isn’t a hobby and requires systems, processes, and strategies. Even if you’re a solopreneur, you need a robust support system to keep your digital nomad dreams alive. Consider outsourcing tasks like data entry and copywriting to a Virtual Assistant. Hiring a digital marketing team that handles everything from SEO to web development can also fuel your business. Digital Nomad Designs are travel-obsessed online business pros who build, launch, grow, and scale businesses from start to finish. Learn more about our Shopify and WordPress services.

If nothing else, automate as many things as possible with the help of Zapier instantly creates triggers. For example, every time your graphic designer sends you an image to your work email, a “Zap” can automatically upload it to Dropbox and alert your entire team. Get other digital tool ideas here.

Your Ecommerce Business Needs a Unique Fulfillment Strategy

It’s possible to run an ecommerce business with your digital nomad visa without dealing with inventory. You’ve probably already considered drop shipping and white labeling. However, you can also sell digital products that instantly download to your customers. Partnering with other ecommerce sellers also opens the door to sell their products on an affiliate commission. You earn a profit without dealing with inventory and logistics.

Next Steps

There are thousands of way to launch, grow, scale, and simplify your online business while you travel the world with a digital nomad visa. Instead of starting your roadmap from scratch, work with an agency that obsesses over all things online and ecommerce business to help you succeed. Book a free call here to discuss your project and take the next steps towards success.