Research shows that an estimated 5.6 million business applications will be processed in 2022, representing a 28% increase over the record high influx in 2020. Although the pandemic redefined everything about how we live, work, and play, it also showed millions of people that remote work is possible. Travel is also a rising trend in remote work, with the Great Resignation opening the door to explore more of the world. However, instead of just settling on remote work, take more control of your life and profit potential by launching your own venture. Here are eight digital businesses that could help reshape your time on the road.

1) Shopify Store

If you’ve always wanted to run your own online store, don’t let being mobile deter you. Shopify is rapidly growing, with 1.75 million merchants using the platform in 2021 and $79.5 billion processed in order value. There are plenty of options for digital businesses to sell products that don’t require storing physical inventory. Instead, you can sell digital products from artwork to super-niche travel guides. Another option is to align with a print-on-demand manufacturer or drop shipping company to fulfill your orders for you and take care of all the shipping and returns.

2) Subscription Box Membership

The Shopify platform can also be used to launch a subscription box membership. Leverage your time on the road by curating products to a niche audience, like wanderlusters, urban hikers, or expats living in Mexico. It’s true this digital business idea requires some physical space to fulfill your orders. An RV or tiny house nomad can pull off the subscription box model while on the road.

3) Niche Virtual Assistance

The Virtual Assistance field has exploded over the years as one of the best digital businesses, and for good reasons. You can find a niche that works for you, from copywriting to online marketing. Instead of running Instagram channels for travelers, offer social media lead generation services for travelers looking to build their own online business. There’s still plenty of room in the marketplace, but the more you niche down and pick specialty areas, the more you can earn and attract your ideal clients.

4) Specialty Travel Consultant

Travel agencies may be a struggling, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out and succeed as a specialty travel consultant. Help other travelers maximize their frequent flyer miles and customize around-the-world itineraries. Planning trips for traveling families, executives on an around-the-world sabbatical, and travelers who want to settle in countries with a Digital Nomad Visa are all niches that need to be served.

5) Personal Shopper

Not everyone can make a trip to Paris to find the latest fashion-forward finds or Sicily to source vintage jewelry. Take custom orders to source the items people are looking for and ship abroad. Or stock up your RV with all your new discoveries to sell at on Etsy or at flea markets on the road. Remember, expats abroad are likely missing their favorite snacks and creature comforts that you can source and bring over from your home country.

6) Content Creation

Content creation frequently makes the round-up of which digital businesses are ideal for taking on the road, and for good reasons: It’s flexible and lucrative. Content creation can encompass everything from business blogging, videos, web sale copy, product descriptions, email marketing, and more. You can get started by reaching out to your current contacts or poring through Upwork and Fiverr to get a sense of which services you can offer and how to charge.

7) Online Bookkeeping

You may think keeping your own books is a breeze, but it’s the bane of most business owners’ day. Bookkeeping is always in demand, or you can niche down and keep books for digital businesses and entrepreneurial globe trotters whose receipts are challenging at best. The more you can target an audience of digital businesses with complicated bookkeeping needs who have no time or desire to do it, the easier it is to find clients.

8) OBM

Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you can’t be in charge and grow a thriving business for yourself and others. An OBM, or Online Business Manager, may not be in your lexicon but is a rapidly growing field. OBMs take over the daily operations for an entire business or just for a project or specific need in a company. You may be responsible for hiring virtual assistants, outsourcing projects, overseeing contractors, working with vendors, and making sure invoices are paid. 

Quick Tips for Creating a Digital Business

Coming up with digital businesses and innovative ideas is often the easy part. Figuring out how to execute and build your online presence is more challenging. Work with the experts at Digital Nomad Designs who love growing digital businesses (and all things travel). Book a free call here to discuss your project and take the next steps towards success.