Have you ever wondered about business case studies examples and if you should use one for your company? Case studies can help customers overcome objectives, get more real-world context for your product or services, and convert more sales. They should also focus on the benefits and value you offer. Compelling business case studies examples should also be about the humble brag where the primary focus is on the client.

Want to try one for yourself? Learn more about how case studies work in business.  

What Are Business Case Studies?

Case studies take a deep dive into a specific problem that your business solves. For example, the team at Digital Nomad Designs helps business owners create web designing that focuses on the user experience, provides ecommerce strategy and transforms SEO strategies into traffic that converts. We focus on case studies that show exactly how our services work and their results.

Building Trust and Credibility

The question is, why use case studies at all? Sure, they help clients walk through your services in-depth, but you could also do that in a pitch deck or presentation.

Unlike pitches and marketing materials, business case studies are a powerful way to convert clients. Instead of showing what your business does, let potential clients hear it directly from the customers you already help. Case studies reflect common problems in your niche that business owners need help with, how your services work, and the results. The combination of trust, credibility, and social proof is irresistible. 

Case studies should also include direct quotes, whenever possible, to make them more personal. Remember that case studies can also be videos or a podcast of your clients speaking directly about their experiences.

Transforming Business Case Studies Into Testimonials

Because business case studies contain positive information and feedback about your company, you can also use them as testimonials. Pull out key quotes and the most powerful takeaways from your content and use them as customer testimonials. These bite-sized credibility builders could be used directly on your website, marketing materials, or sales funnels.

Using Case Studies in Your Content Marketing

Content marketing significantly impacts your SEO and gives prospective clients more context to how your products and services work. A few ideas of content marketing include:

  • Business blog
  • Social media posts
  • YouTube channel
  • Podcast
  • Email newsletter

Keep in mind not all content marketing is created equally. Your audience needs valuable information that helps solve their problems and is packed with value to see your business as a credible source of authority. When you incorporate case studies into your content marketing, they check all of the boxes for effective content marketing, from solving a problem to showcasing available solutions.

Empowering Your Sales Team

Does your sales team struggle to convert leads? Make the process easier by empowering your team with impactful case studies. Going over real-world examples with new clients gives immediate clarity to how your business works and what types of solutions your company offers.

Business Case Studies Examples

Not sure where to get started? Check out some of our real-world business case studies that focus on our SEO services. These are everyday struggles of all business owners, whether you have an ecommerce store or service business and need more organic traffic.

1) Need to rank a seasonal product in Google with little organic traffic? 

Xtreme Heaters came to Digital Nomad Designs to discuss their website strategy and increase their SEO efforts. We delivered and earned impressive results with a spike in traffic. We also ranked several of their keywords to numbers 1 through 6 on Google.

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2) When Defy Cleaning wanted to relaunch their web presence as a highly reputable commercial cleaning company, Digital Nomad Designs delivered. Despite a high-quality service, they had zero Google traction. Our team came up with an SEO management plan to create quality backlinks, strategic goal setting, regular search engine submissions, tracking, and more. Defy Cleaning experienced significant growth in traffic over six months with page one rankings in Google.

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3) We know firsthand that some industries are more competitive than others and beg the question of whether or not it’s even worth trying to rank in Google. Digital Nomad Designs is proof you can stand out and thrive in a highly saturated market to achieve SEO results. In our case, we were trying to stand out as part of the SEO companies San Diego best of the best.

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Final Thoughts

Want to talk to the team at Digital Nomad Designs about how to establish your online presence, grow your SEO, and earn more conversions? With the right approach, case studies help reach more conversions and give prospective customers everything they need to know about why they should work with your company. Book a complimentary call here for questions and to discuss your project further.