Cleaning companies are in high demand, and also compete in a saturated marketplace with dozens of similar services. With little room to niche down, such companies are left to rely on word-of-mouth referrals and a scramble to reach the top of  Google’s coveted #1 ranking. To make things extra challenging, imagine you’re trying to grow and rank a relatively new service-based business in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Undaunted, here’s how Digital Nomad Designs stepped in to create a customized SEO Management plan for an up and coming commercial cleaning company.

The Service

Defy Cleaning was already emerging as a highly reputable commercial cleaning service in San Antonio, Texas. With an obsession for doing things correctly, Defy saw a need in the marketplace to provide a reliable, professional service for their clients. They knew their reputation and USP for excellence and ethical labor standards would stand-out in a crowded market. In addition to creating a foundation for an incredible work ethic, Defy Cleaning also certifies its staff on commercial-grade cleaning equipment and teamwork to deliver a winning service. 

The Problem

Despite a quality service that stood out in the marketplace, Defy Cleaning’s presence on Google was nonexistent. Founder Rick Figueroa had already tapped Digital Nomad Designs to design and launch a user-friendly, highly professional WordPress site shortly after he started his business. With their only website traffic was trickling in from social media, Rick wanted more visibility for keywords related to their San Antonio based services.

That’s where Digital Nomad Designs stepped in to create a customized SEO Management plan with a focus on conversions.

The SEO Management Process

Defy Cleaning already knew SEO was a long game and would take some time to see results, especially during a pandemic. But in an industry like commercial cleaning, the calls and leads don’t start pouring in until you start ranking. Digital Nomad Designs was up for the challenge and was confident in the ROI of the service. And unlike Google or Facebook ads, organic SEO is less expensive for the same, or better, results. 

Content-Rich Landing Page

SEO Management can take several approaches, but focusing on building and refreshing content is a must. Digital Nomad Designs recommended one content-rich landing page every week, with each landing page focused around a single keyword. The goal was to help Defy Cleaning reach the top of Google for specific, highly competitive keywords.


Now that the keyword strategy was firmly in place, Digital Nomad Designs focused on earning quality backlinks. Our team recommended 70 relevant, do-follow backlinks a week to help bolster the SEO Management efforts. The more backlinks Google sees, the more likely they are to inch a site to the top of its rankings.

Regular Search Engine Submissions

Google drives the most traffic among search engines, but they’re not the only way to gain visibility. Digital Nomad Designs devoted attention to regular search engine submissions to create more exposure and traffic continuity for Defy Cleaning.

Strategic Goal Setting

Any good SEO Management plan requires strategic goal setting. Instead of guessing how things will play out, Digital Nomad Designs set out to reach specific goals based on evolving metrics in Google Analytics and Google Search Console. 

SEO Performance Tracking and Reporting

Creating trust and accountability in the SEO process requires transparency and tracking. Digital Nomad Designs uses Google Analytics and Google Search Console for regular reporting. With careful tracking and adjustments, Defy Cleaning’s SEO process could pivot and evolve into a successful campaign.

The SEO Management Plan Results

Defy Cleaning faced an additional challenge when they decided to expand their service to Oregon just before COVID hit. “We split focus between San Antonio and Central Oregon. However, after realizing COVID wasn’t going anywhere, we decided to focus back on only San Antonio. You can see that at the end of March and throughout April it was lower for the reasons mentioned. We have been picking up a lot over the last six weeks,” says Rick.

Despite the complications from the pandemic and additional location challenges, Defy Cleaning still saw positive SEO Management results.

Traffic Increase

Over a six month period focused on SEO Management, Defy Cleaning saw an increase of sustainable growth in unique traffic. The traffic directly resulted in more conversions.
SEO Management Defy Cleaning

A Trend Towards Consistent Conversions

Defy Cleaning saw a dip in March for conversions, followed by a spike in April. By the end of May, they were on track for consistent growth. “Conversions are the result of leads directly calling the business and/or filling out the contact form for more information. We track all of this information to know how our SEO efforts are performing,” said Rick.

SEO and Traffic Stats with Defy Cleaning

Organic Search Increase

Organic search was also up, with an average organic search of 35% after just three months of working on SEO. By six months, the organic search spiked up to 52% of Defy Cleaning’s search traffic.

SEO Case Study and Top Traffic Channels for Defy Cleaning

SEO and Top Traffic Channels for Defy Cleaning

Page One Rankings 

In a service industry like commercial cleaning, ranking first on Google can make or break your business. Our SEO Management plan helped Defy Cleaning reach for a variety of highly coveted keywords that converted to sales:

  • Post construction cleanup, San Antonio
  • Business cleaning services, San Antonio
  • Commercial cleaning, San Antonio
  • Commercial office cleaning, San Antonio
  • Cleaning solutions, San Antonio

SEO Case Study and Google results for Defy Cleaning

Final Thoughts

SEO Management can successfully grow a service-based business, even in a crowded marketplace in the middle of a pandemic. The real challenge is getting out of your own way and trusting the methodical, step-by-step process to see results. Ready to get started? Get in touch with the team at Digital Nomad Designs about your product and SEO goals. Book a free call here for questions or to discuss this SEO case study.