Improve Add to Cart Strategy - Digital Nomad DesignsYou’ve spent weeks or months building your ecommerce store, testing it, making it look perfect, and carefully integrated a marketing strategy. But are you leaving money on the table? Studies show that increasing a button size by 20% could lead to a jump in conversions. Optimizing your add-to-cart button is straight-forward and can make a dramatic impact on your ecommerce business. Here’s how to get started.

1) Add Contrasting Color

As a business owner, you already know every inch of your website and how everything looks. For brand new customers, the lack of contrasting colors can make an impact if they notice your add-to-cart buttons. Changing up the color is part of the User Interface and can also impact User Experience. Both are integral to how your customers engage with your site and whether they come back for more.

There is some debate over which colors are best for your add-to-cart buttons. However, it’s the contrast that makes the difference. Make sure your shopping buttons stand out from your background or other elements of your site. If you’re using blue, change up the colors on your buy buttons to orange or green.

2) Make it Full Width

Once your customers are in their cart, make it simple to see everything in one place by making it full-width. It’s less distracting, more commanding, and helps finish the sale. Check out our client Busy Bod Leos’s add-to-cart button. We’ve made it incredibly easy to see the button and navigate so customers can quickly get through the sales process.

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3) Create Some Movement

Who says your shopping pages need to be static? You can add some movement to your add-to-cart button and make it shake to capture your visitors’ attention. Digital Nomad Designs’ client Coffee AF already seizes your attention with a killer branding strategy and website. They added some shake to their “add to cart” button to keep your eyes on the prize.

4) Keep it Sticky on Mobile

Mobile shopping isn’t going anywhere. Mobile commerce is predicted to spiral to $488 billion by 2024. Don’t let your customers go just because they’re scrolling down your page. Make your online shipping cart sticky on mobile and anchor it at the bottom of your mobile site as they scroll. The customer can always see the “add to cart” button and click it whenever they’re ready to commit. Here’s how we did it with our client RED SUPPS.



5) Make Your Add to Cart Buttons Big Enough

Have you ever tried buying a product over your smartphone and couldn’t press the “add to cart button?” Make sure your buttons and navigation are big enough for customers to click their way through the sale.

Ask a colleague or beta tester to look at your website and click the buy buttons. Can they see it within a second? Can they click the buttons easily? If not, your “add to cart” buttons aren’t big enough.

6) Use Abandon Cart Apps

Now it’s time to think about what happens beyond the add to cart design. You’ve done everything right, but potential customers are still putting items in their cart and never completing the sale.

The good news is it’s not just you; 70% of customers end up abandoning their cart. Fortunately, there are abandoned apps that can entice customers to come back and finish the sale. Digital Nomad Designs can make the best recommendations for your add-to-button design, increase conversions, and apps to help streamline the process.

Ready to Optimize Your Add to Cart Button?

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