This is an excerpt from a guest blog post I wrote for Lone Fir Creative

As digital marketing spending continues to grow, with the average business now allocating $75,000 a year, we’re seeing changes in content marketing trends. Content marketing is where brands offer valuable content that doubles as advertising. In recent months we have seen changes in social media platforms like Snapchat and Facebook occur practically overnight, which can drastically affect how we market our businesses. It’s important to constantly evaluate new tools and trends to market your business as they’re always evolving.

Your content marketing needs to be at the cutting edge of what’s happening if you want to stay competitive. Follow these 6 content marketing trends to stay ahead in 2018.

#1 Ease up on Traditional Advertising
#2 Chatbots
#3 Webinars
#4 Valuable & Educational Content
#5 Influencer Marketing Shifts
#6 Shopping through Social Media Platforms Ok, but to find out more about each of the trends, you really got to check out the rest of the blog post I wrote for Lone Fir Creative.

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