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Digital Nomad Designs Ranked #4 Best Web Design Agency in Santa Monica

There are tons of top 10 lists out there, and now there is one for the Best Web Design Agency in Santa Monica. Well, Digital Nomad Designs starts 2021 on... Read More

5 Ways to Make Your Store Stand Out During the Holidays, Like a Shopify Expert

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16 Items To Check Off Before You Launch Your Website

So much goes into getting a website up-and-running. Once the hard work is seemingly done – you’ve designed and built the website, added content, etc. – you may think the... Read More

12 Ways to Improve your Ecommerce Strategy

While it’s true that most people prefer to shop online nowadays, you are mistaken if you think that online shoppers will buy from any ecommerce store. Making money through an... Read More

8 Do’s & Don’ts of a Great Web Design

8 Do’s & Don’ts of a Great Web Design With thousands of templates available online, it has never been easier to create a website quickly and easily. Just because a... Read More

Why Your Podcast Needs its Own Website

Why Your Podcast Needs its own Website Podcasting is considered one of the incredible ways of establishing links and communicating with others over the internet. Podcasts give you an opportunity... Read More

10 Ways to Increase Trust on your Website

The 10 Ways to Increase Trust on your Website How to increase trust on your website isn’t a problem we often think about, but it’s something that can make or... Read More

The Best Platform to Build your Website: The Pros and Cons of WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix

If you’re a TL;DR kind of person, feel free to take this 5-question quiz to find out what platform you should use to build your website.  Whether you are a... Read More

10 Elements every Great Product Detail Page Needs

When we walk into a retail store, we have some way of knowing where to go and what to do. If we walk into a Levi’s we know to start... Read More