If you’re ready to launch an online business or increase the exposure and conversion of your current website, you need a WordPress Designer Irvine. The right website can make or break your business, with research showing that 97% of consumers find companies online. A website is more than a must-have; it is a powerful tool to generate leads, convert more sales, and enhance your industry’s credibility. Before you take the next steps on your journey, learn what to look for with a WordPress Designer Irvine. 

Improves the User Experience

As the name implies, the User Experience (UX) relates to every aspect of a consumer’s interaction with your website, products, company, and online presence. UX, is among the most critical parts of building your online presence. Poor user experience, from site speed to navigation, quickly turns off consumers and depletes your revenue. The good news is focusing on UX can dramatically improve your bottom line. Studies show that Staples increased their online revenue by 500% after its UX-focused site redesign.

However, UX isn’t an exact science and relies on best practices, competitor research, A/B testing, and collecting data to make informed decisions about your site design. UX should also be integrated with the User Interface (UI) which relates to the aesthetics of the site. It’s also important to know that not every WordPress designer Irvine specializes in UX. Some web designers only design and are not focused on data-backed UX that helps convert more leads and conversions.

Optimizes Your Site for Mobile

A mobile-optimized site ties into the User Experience and makes a significant impact on whether or not consumers will stick around. Studies show that 52% of people say a bad mobile experience makes them lose faith in a company. Fortunately, WordPress offers done-for-you templates that are already mobile-ready, but you’ll need more to stand out from your competition. A skilled WordPress designer Irvine also focuses on the overall UX of your mobile site. They may recommend adding a bottom navigation menu or making subtle changes to your product pages to enhance your “Buy Now” or “Learn More” buttons to increase conversions.

Develops an SEO Strategy

Not every WordPress designer Irvine offers SEO consulting or maintenance, but it is a cornerstone of a high-performing website. SEO relies on various factors that signal value and relevancy to Google, which is a necessary step in improving your site’s ranking and attracting quality traffic. The online traffic you receive should also be highly targeted and qualified.

If your company is a home builder looking for high-end clients, it may be easy to rank for a term such as “home builder equipment,” but it won’t attract the right audience. You want to build a foundation of highly relevant keywords and search intent to bring in your ideal customers and convert them.

SEO is also about your bounce rate, site speed, technical SEO, backlinks, social signals, and a secure and accessible website that all tie into the ranking of your website. SEO is also a long game that requires a time commitment to see it work and realize its profitability.

Troubleshoots and Maintains Your Website

A good website should look fantastic and attract targeted traffic that converts. But there’s more to launching a premium website; it also needs ongoing troubleshooting and maintenance.

Your Worpdress theme, plugins, and add-ons are repeatedly updated to improve their usefulness and combat security issues. Your website can also experience problems with hosting and hackers that leave your online presence vulnerable. Ongoing troubleshooting and maintenance are crucial to the long-term success of your business.

Chooses the Right Plugins

One of the strengths of the WordPress platform is how many valuable plugins there are that can do everything from keeping your site secure to improving your SEO. But with thousands of plugins to choose from, you also need the right ones that add value to your website. Some plugins also don’t play nicely together, which can drag down your site speed and overall ranking. A WordPress designer Irvine is experienced in knowing which plugins to use, how they interact together, and when to make changes to protect the integrity and productivity of your site.

Ready to Hire a WordPress Designer Irvine?

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