UPDATE 1/21/2021 — Even more Wifi In Tulum!

Sadly it’s been exactly one year since traveling to one of my favorite digital nomad destinations, Tulum Mexico. Although I was able to make it to a couple of other countries before the pandemic officially shut down most of travel in March 2020, I miss it SO much.

I have heard that Tulum has been a hotspot for digital nomads to stay longterm to wait out last year’s events in the states. With that, I have a new update for where to find more wifi in Tulum. If you are looking for some other locations in Tulum to find Wifi, check out Coworking Tulum. With a variety of membership plans, you can enjoy wifi in a number of locations around Tulum. Relax in one of the nests at the beachside paradise of Kanan, an eco-friendly resort. Enjoy a cocktail at the bohemian dream of Mina, located in Maria Del Mar, Tulum.

As you can see, Tulum is becoming the must-visit destination for anyone who wants to give the digital nomad lifestyle a try. I hope to be back there later this year, if not for the famous Antojitos La Chiapaneca tacos, purely for the ability to grow my business while sitting just a few feet from the ocean.

UPDATE 1/25/2020 – There is much more wifi in Tulum now, than there was two years ago!

Two years ago I visited Tulum as my first official international city to try out the Digital Nomad lifestyle. To say the least, it was difficult to find reliable and fast wifi, especially as you get closer to the beach. I went back to Tulum this last week and it’s devleoped quite a bit! In a way it’s great news for digital nomads who are looking to answer client email and phone calls with their toes in the sand and looking over the Caribbean sea. However, it’s not great news for those who are looking to spend some time in a beach town while avoiding tourist traps. As much as I love Tulum and I love how much tourism can help the local economy, there’s definitely some major development happening. My hope is that it doesn’t become another Cancun!

Ok…now back to where to find the best Wi-Fi in Tulum, Mexico.

Papaya Playa Project

As mentioned two years ago, Papaya Playa Project (pictured in the featured image) still has strong and reliable wifi. What I love is that you can still catch strong wifi while sitting on the beach where they have cabanas and tables to work at. You will likely have to spend a minimum ($40 I believe) to work there. The food and drink can be on the pricier end (which is becoming typical for Tulum), so you should have no problem spending $40 on a meal and even one of their delicious smoothies.

Selina Los Lirios Hostel & Co-Working

The BEST place in Tulum to get Wi-Fi on the beach is hands down, Selina (Los Lirios). This is a new hostel that sits right on the beach and has its own co-working space. The co-working space get very fast and reliable wi-fi, has private call rooms, a meeting space, and overall maintains a quiet but welcoming ambiance. A day pass to the co-working space is $15 USD; they might have a week pass for a better deal as well. My recommendation is actually to stay in the Selina hostel because they have Wi-Fi all around their grounds, including and outdoor cafe/restaurant. The signal is the strongest in the co-working space, but it definitely is a major plus that you can catch some wi-fi while lounging on the chairs, steps away from the ocean. Keep in mind- you can only hangout on the grounds of Selina hostel if you are staying there (or with someone who is).

Ahau Compound & Raw Love

So when we were in Tulum, we ate at the Ahau restaurant, which is right behind Raw Love. By the way- Raw Love is now more of a stand and not it’s own cafe like before. You’ll want to give the beautiful and beachy Ahau restaurant a try for their food and of course because they have a reliable wi-fi signal (you have to eat there to get the wifi info). It’s totally worth eating there- and definitely try the watermelon mezcal cocktail- so delicious! What’s great is that once you have the wi-fi info for this restaurant, it also works for Raw Love, which is right in front, and actually about five steps from the water. I recommend both Raw Love for their smoothie bowls and Ahau for their cocktails and ceviche.

We all know that in a place like Tulum, you should absolutely be enjoying the serene views and the zen ambiance of the community, but we also know that whether it’s an instagram post a quick email reply, or searching for the best activities to do in Tulum, sometimes you need service. Especially for us Digital Nomads, the places mentioned are some of the best spots for fast wifi.

Original blog post from 2/15/2018

Finding strong Wifi in Tulum Mexico can be a challenge, but there are a few places that prove to be substantial as a digital nomad. Most businesses in Tulum have Wifi and are happy to provide access, however, it’s usually a weak signal. These places are really only exceptional for surfing the web or social media. If you’re working and require downloading files or photos (like I did), or a lot of web researching, or connecting to video/chat programs, you’ll probably need stronger Wifi hotspots, here are some you can find in Tulum Mexico.

Papaya Playa Project (pictured in the featured image) has the strongest and most reliable WiFi in Tulum. Not only is the wifi reliable, but you can literally use it in their cabanas 5 feet from the ocean. There are a couple options to use their wifi. They have a room near the reception area overlooking the ocean, where you can charge your laptop and it’s quiet enough up to make calls. You can also use any of the tables in the outdoor restaurant or cabanas on the beach. I recommend that if you’re sitting outside, order some food because not only do they have delicious ceviche options, but it’s respectful to contribute something for using their Wifi. Check out their smoothie menu during lunchtime for a refreshing superfoodie pick-me-up. Between the friendly staff, beautiful scenery, and reliable Wifi, Papaya Playa Project is the best place to work as a digital nomad in Tulum Mexico.

Tulum Art Club A fun and artsy cafe with a laid-back vibe, Tulum Art Club is another option if you’re looking for Wifi to work. You can sip on espresso and admire the unique art while meeting locals, expats, and other digital nomads. The Wifi here is good, but not great. It’s usable for basic web surfing and occasional small downloads.

Batey A quieter but fun restaurant during the day where you’ll find mostly expats and tourists that turns into the happening club at night. I kept hearing about how Batey was the best club to go to during the weekend or to go watch live music. I’m not much into clubbing, but I happen to be in the area one day, to check out the supposed best coffee in Tulum. The coffee is at a cafe call Ki’Bok, where I also heard they had excellent Wifi. Ki’Bok did in fact, have the best coffee but it had awful Wifi. While at the cafe, I was able to connect to Batey, which is right next door. If you’re looking for Wifi to fulfill basic internet tasks, then order a mojito made with freshly pressed sugar cane and work away at Batey!

Keep in mind, Tulum is constantly being developed and even more so as it becomes a popular tourist destination. With this in mind, note that Wifi availability may change in some of the places mentioned and may become more available in others. Comment below if you find other spots in Tulum with exceptional Wifi!