Shopify Marketing Experts San Diego - Digital Nomad DesignsWhen you need website development services San Diego, you require a comprehensive approach to attract and convert more sales. There are plenty of free templates and resources to help you figure it all out on your own, or you can turn to the experts for a done-for-you solution that incorporates everything from user experience to ongoing SEO.

Not sure if you need help? Here are six questions to ask yourself.

Is the Competition Too Fierce?

Standing out from the online competition is challenging but entirely possible with the right approach. There are nearly 2 billion websites in the world all vying for a place in the online world. Although only a fraction of them are your actual competitors, you’ll need a compelling and engaging website that commands attention.

Choose a website development service San Diego with deep knowledge of the digital space. Whether your business is on Shopify or WordPress, you need a designer who understands your platform and business nuances. Request a web design portfolio showcasing similar projects. Remember to inquire if the agency was involved in the design, strategy, SEO, and user experience.

Are Your Product Pages Lacking Traffic?

You need more than traffic flooding your website. You also need an influx of visitors that ultimately convert to sales. Are you getting plenty of people to one area of your website and they never make it to your product pages? It could be your UX (user experience) and interface. Customers get lost in the shuffle when they can’t easily navigate your site. They need a more intuitive experience to stick around and buy.

Google also notices when people aren’t sticking around your site. Your page ranking will experience a negative impact if people are only staying on your site for a short period of time before “bouncing.” You may need a more simplified or streamlined design to help keep customers browsing.

Is Your Site Speed Lagging?

Other issues can increase your bounce rate and lose visitors. Slow site speed also increases the bounce rate and negatively impacts your Google ranking. Studies show that 53% of mobile website visitors will leave if a webpage doesn’t load within three seconds!

With only seconds to spare, you need to nail down your first impression quickly. Your website’s theme, large graphics, photos, conflicting plugins, and various other issues could be slowing down your site. If you’re not sure how to optimize your speed for both desktop and mobile, you need an expert to step in and help.

Are You Optimized for Mobile?

Mobile is everything when it comes to running an online business or building a website. Mobile commerce is set to grow 68% by 2022 and become a primary source of online traffic. If you’re not optimized for mobile, you’re missing out on a significant segment and revenue potential.

Fortunately, most platforms like Shopify and WordPress already come with mobile-optimized templates that are ready to go. But you still need the right ecommerce store templates, photos, and content to nail the user experience and keep people shopping on your site.

Is Your Site Converting Sales and Sign-Ups?

Web design just scratches the surface of what you need to build an online presence or ecommerce store. Even the most design-inspired sites in the world won’t automatically convert to the sales and lead you’re looking for. Your website still needs a rock-solid user experience and deep professional experience on how the user interface enhances your brand and which areas of your site still need work.

Website development services San Diego brings expertise to your online presence. The team at Digital Nomad Designs audits your site and puts together a strategic plan to improve your user experience. SEO, traffic, and conversions.

Do You Want to Scale Your Business?

Is your zone of genius web design that converts? If not, you should spend your time growing your business instead of working in it.

Devoting countless hours to web design, tweaks, and testing is rarely a good use of a business owner’s time. Just like you probably outsource your bookkeeping, you should also outsource quality ecommerce design to agencies devoted to your success.

Ecommerce Website Development Agency San Diego Next Steps

There are over 1,200 Shopify templates and 11,000 WordPress themes available. Some of these are more than enough to get your online store up and running quickly. Others look dated, clunky, and don’t offer a good user experience. or align with your business goals. 

Yes, design templates can work. But website development services San Diego helps you turn your site into a well-designed, high-converting sales machine. Digital Nomad Designs integrates web design best practices with SEO, analytics, and A/B testing to turn your site into a business.

Ready to build a powerhouse online presence that converts? Contact Digital Nomad Designs to learn more about our web design, SEO services, and other digital marketing solutions.