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Give A Heck is a company started by Dwight Heck. He offers financial services and education for millennials. We wanted to use a color scheme to match his personal brand, appeal to the target audience, but still represent wealth. To help him connect with the audience, we had Dwight do a 90 second video to introduce himself and establish trust.

You’ll notice that throughout the site there is a mix of images and illustrations. This is to give the site a contemporary look while keeping the user’s attention with a variety of visual mediums. Financial services isn’t the most visual or exciting industry, so we wanted to make this business feel more upbeat and modern.

In addition to the website design and branding that we offered here at Digital Nomad Designs, we started the Give A Heck blog. We considered that with the financial education and services industry being so competitive, Give A Heck needed to have a strong SEO presence right off the bat. When you are a local business or even virtual, having accurate and well-organized onsite SEO is crucial to establish rankings on Google.

We wrote blog posts with SEO implemented and toward the target audience to help Give A Heck get started on the right foot with Google.

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