What to Look for in Web Development Companies San Diego

Websites launch and shutdown daily, but research shows there are over one billion websites in the world. That’s a lot of digital media to cover and growing competition to consider. That’s why you need a reputable, results-driven web development companies San Diego with a track record for success. 

Do you have an online strategy yet? The best web developers focus on data-driven results and best practices in the industry. Whether you’re looking to open a Shopify store and need to take your SEO efforts to the next level, or are launching a website for your service business, you need a web development company that converts audiences into sales.

If you’re unsure where to start, here are some of the services to ask about from your next web development company.

Specialized Service

It’s possible to find a talented web development companies San Diego that serves a mix of industries and platforms. However, you’re more likely to see results from a provider with specific, niche services.

If you’re a Shopify store owner, work with a developer specializing in launching and growing profitable ecommerce stores. The same thing goes for a service business. Work with web developers who understand your industry and business model to incorporate best practices and conversion techniques.

Website Design & Development

Website Design and Development is at the core of any online strategy. The user experience can make or break your next sale. Research shows that 70% of online businesses that fail do so because of bad usability. Don’t be one of them.

Web development companies in San Diego should offer customized services, including UX/UI design and conversion optimization. There are countless services to offer, but without proper QA testing and integrations, you may not get the results you’re looking for.

SEO Strategy & Growth

Some web development companies in San Diego focus on beautiful design and a responsive layout but fall short on SEO strategy and growth. You need a team that understands all of your online strategy’s moving pieces from start to finish. Ask about keyword research, content marketing strategy, backlinks, and competitor research to get a comprehensive understanding of what your next web development company offers.

Ecommerce Strategy

So what exactly does your ecommerce strategy look like? Do you have one? An effective web developer San Diego will assist ecommerce store owners with a plan to grow sales and conversion rates. They should also have the ability to create custom integrations and improve your existing store.

Graphics Design and Branding

Web development companies San Diego should offer more than design work. All of the parts of your website need a cohesive strategy in place. Your online presence also needs focused branding to connect your audience. Put aside aspirations of websites that resemble a work of art. Users want digestible content to quickly parse and assess to determine if you’re the best ecommerce store, service provider, or information outlet for their needs.


If your web development company isn’t using data to make critical decisions, then they’re working in the dark. Integrating your site with Google Analytics is the first place to start and regularly checking to analyze:

  • Where customers are going once they’re on your site
  • How long they’re staying
  • Where they’re entering and existing
  • Which keywords are driving them to your site

The more data you have to make informed decisions about your site, the better.

Real People

Everyone talks about the need for quality customer service, but it goes deeper than that. Building your online presence is a collaboration and takes time to nurture. Pick a company where people actually pick up the phone, talk through your ideas and needs, and aren’t talking from a script. Real people care about the work they do and the integrity they bring to each project. 

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