If you’re running an online business, you need more than a web designer to help you create, launch, and maintain your website. You also need someone who can create a high-converting online presence that attracts and retains loyal customers. A UX Designer Irvine helps develop an ecommerce store or service site that’s straightforward to navigate and provides a rewarding customer journey. From research to implementation and analysis, here’s what to look for before you make your next hire.

Creates a Seamless User Experience

The goal of UX is to build a seamless experience for the end user. Your customers need to feel satisfied with your site and easily find what they’re looking for from the moment they land on your website until they convert.

It’s also more than about buying your products. It’s about feeling confident in your business and what you offer from start to finish. Your UX Designer Irvine should also be able to provide the research, data, online reports, and A/B testing required to make sure your website is delivering what your traffic is looking for. 

Blends UI with UX

It’s easy to mix up UX and UI or the User Experience and User Interface. However, they’re two different things that should work in tandem with one another to attract and convert your audience. UX is all about figuring out who your end user is and what they’re looking for. You may be solving a problem for them or guiding them through your site navigation to find what they need. UI is more about the design and how well it functions, from site buttons to brand color.

Both UI and UX are vital to your online presence, so make sure your UX Designer Irvine is fluent in both skills. If your site’s design looks lackluster and dull, you may experience a higher bounce rate. Yet, if the site looks fantastic but is hard to navigate, you may end up with frustrated customers who can’t find what they want. 

A/B Tests and Analyzes the Results

UX is only as good as the results it earns. You need a site that converts to leads and closes sales or prompts someone to click “Buy now.” Your UX Designer Irvine should pull analytics and provide reports on how the website performs and determine where to make improvements. You and your designer can discuss different KPIs to watch for, including:

  • Number of leads per week
  • Average order rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Organic traffic sources
  • Daily sales
  • Abandoned shopping cart statistics

Your UX strategy can evolve depending on your KPIs. For example, you may discover certain pages are ranking higher for organic keywords than others. You may want to include lead generation forms or additional CTAs to help convert to more sales. 

Explores New Solutions

UX isn’t an exact science and is also about how a customer or lead feels when they visit your website. But how do you know how someone feels? You can’t predict how everyone will react to your site, but you can develop a vision and brand for it to create a more evocative feeling. Your UX Designer Irvine should understand how to develop a look, feel, and navigation across your entire website. 

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having a straightforward, corporate website. If that look and feel aligns with your brand and how you service your customers, you can consider it a win. A casual website is also ideal for more relaxed and informal businesses or online stores. However your website looks, make sure it aligns with the experience you offer your customers.

Helps Maintain a Cohesive Brand

Your online brand is a reflection of your business and what your customers expect from you. Someone doesn’t show up at a fast food chain and expect gourmet food. The same thing goes for your brand. Make sure your brand is consistent, from your buy buttons to your product packaging. Your UX Designer Irvine can also help develop your voice or run with the brand you’ve already created to ensure it stays uniform and cohesive across your website.

Next Steps

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