First impressions count online as much as they do when meeting someone face to face, with research showing that users form an opinion about a website in 0.05 seconds. Finding the right site designer in Irvine should supercharge your online presence and help convert more leads and sales. But without a solid online presence, you could lose business before you ever have a chance to show off your products or services. 

If you’re not sure how to find the right site designer in Irvine for you, here’s what to consider.

Do They Optimize Websites for UX and UI?

Your designer should be more than someone who can put together a great layout and graphics package. They should also be skilled in optimizing your site for User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). Both are significant factors in how customers experience your site from the first click to the check-out process.

When customers can’t find what they want or grow frustrated, they will likely leave in droves. A recent study shows that 50% of potential sales are missed after customers can’t find the information needed to complete a purchase. Those customers were motivated to buy and left due to website issues.

UX and UI also make a direct impact on your SEO. Google looks at your bounce rate, or how quickly people leave your website, and will penalize your ranking accordingly. Design-related SEO also includes utilizing font size, colors, typography, site speed, and more to make the website easier to navigate. You end up with a more robust SEO presence to attract the organic traffic you need to thrive. 

Are They Experts at Your Go-To Website Platform?

The type of business you run makes an impact on what kind of platform you use. Shopify empowers ecommerce entrepreneurs with done-for-you tools, templates, plugins, apps, and analytic tools that are only enhanced by a site designer in Irvine. Shopify can also be used to sell services with buy buttons and lead pages.

However, many service-based businesses use WordPress for its intuitive functionality and easy SEO tools to help optimize their traffic. Digital Nomad Designs works with Shopify and WordPress to build high-converting sites focused on the customer journey.

What About Their Track Record for Success?

It doesn’t take much to build a website and claim you’re a site designer in Irvine. Make sure the team you hire also has a portfolio and a strong track record for results. Ask about any case studies, organic traffic wins, and client testimonials. Here are a few of our case studies to get started on your journey:

Are They Focused on Increasing Conversions?

Hiring a site designer in Irvine is more than making a website look incredible. Your team should focus on increasing conversions, whether it’s adjusting the UI or looking at your abandoned cart statistics.

Research shows 69.82% of online shopping carts are abandoned, meaning seven out of every ten customers who add an item to their shopping cart will leave without completing the purchase. The good news? The right plugins and strategy could result in a boost in sales and convert to repeat customers. 

Do They Provide Ongoing Website Maintenance?

Building and launching a website isn’t a set it and forget it process. Building organic traffic, addressing site updates and securities, and pulling reports to make changes and enhance conversions takes time and ongoing maintenance. Your site designer in Irvine should offer the services you need to grow your online presence. Digital Nomad Designs offers the ongoing services you need to succeed, starting with a site audit.

Hire a Site Designer in Irvine

When you’re ready to hire a site designer in Irvine, Digital Nomad Designs is here to help. We offer website design with a focus on UX and UI, SEO, shop management, content creation, A/B testing, and more to continually optimize the user experience and improve your conversions. Ready to launch or grow your online store? Book a call with us today.