Why DND Is the Shopify Marketing Specialist You Need in Austin

If you need help creating, managing, or maintaining your eCommerce and Shopify website, you’ve come to the right company! We know how hard you work to create your business and now that it exists, it’s time to optimize your business’ eCommerce and Shopify website. 

Shopify Marketing Specialists Create Your Shopify Website

At Digital Nomad Designs, we create unique websites for all of our clients so you can stand out against the competition. It’s why our websites are designed for an intuitive user experience, optimized for conversion, and maintain a strong brand presence. We optimize your website with conversions, specializations, and unique customizations. We know all about making your website unique to you and your service because we’ve worked with clients across several industries. From health to clothing to financial services, and more, we’ve done it all.   

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Shopify Marketing Specialists Manage and Maintain Your Shopify Website

Whether your website is already created or needs to be built, we can help you manage and maintain your site. With a Google Analytics installation, we can use this data to incrementally improve your existing store to grow sales and conversion rates. 

This data can also help you improve your SEO growth as we’re able to see how your customers are interacting with your website. We can perform an SEO audit on your website to see how it’s performing now, and how we can improve it. We can improve your Shopify website performance with keyword analysis and content marketing. Plus, as our client, we provide regular reports and progress tracking so you know that we’re creating results for you. 

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Shopify Marketing Specialists Are Shopify Agency Partners

We stand out from the competition because Digital Nomad Designs is a Shopify Agency Partner. As a Shopify Agency Partner, we’re able to improve our client’s current Shopify website. We can upgrade their existing website to Shopify Plus. There are over 10,000+ Shopify Plus companies and eCommerce sites, and you can be next! 




Shopify Plus includes perks like:

  • Built-in augmented reality and 3D
  • Product videos
  • Create custom capabilities and automated workflows
  • Event scheduling
  • Adding custom discounts, promotions, and shipping rates to check out  
  • Integrate systems and tools your business relies on
  • Connecting apps across your business with eCommerce automation
  • View performance analytics, create new stores, and manage automation flows

Besides all those amazing Shopify Plus perks we can provide for your eCommerce business, our partnership provides our clients with 24/7 Shopify customer support via phone, chat, and email. Lastly, as a partner with Shopify, we become an authority on eCommerce. Our partnership provides our team with training, certifications, exclusive tutorials and content, and more resources so we can perfect our skills and always improve. 

Why Choose Digital Nomad Designs as Your Shopify Digital Specialist in Austin

Besides our certifications and experience, we pride ourselves on our quality and happy clients. We aim to over-deliver and exceed our clients’ expectations. We believe this so much that it’s actually our second core value. We know happy clients mean long-lasting relationships that everyone benefits from. 

Even though we are based in Austin, Texas, our team is fully remote from all over the world! It’s also why adventure and discipline are part of our values. We full-heartedly believe in making time for adventure while staying disciplined in your craft. 

If you’re ready to perfect your craft, book a call! We’d be happy to assess where your company is currently at and help create a plan that gets you the results and clients you desire.