How to Grow Your Business with Shopify Marketing Experts San Diego

You got your ecommerce store up and running and are seeing sporadic traffic and purchases. But something feels off. You’re not seeing the influx of sales you expected. Maybe you’ve tried of listening to podcasts with Shopify sellers earning six-figure paydays. Instead of guessing what’s wrong and lamenting your lack of traction, it’s time to explore working with Shopify marketing experts in San Diego.

Sure, you can go it alone and eventually figure out how to grow your Shopify store to the level of success you’re looking for. Or you can work with the pros who devour all things Shopify and know how to grow your business faster and more efficiently. Here’s how.

Shopify Marketing Pros Audit Your Site

Ecommerce web designers can make your site look stunning and add all the bells and whistles you need. But does it convert? Is it intuitive to navigate? Are all of your Shopify plugins working? You need more than a fabulous design; you also need an ecommerce store that is an efficient, high-converting sales machine. It all starts with an audit to figure out what’s working and what’s not on your Shopify store.

They Understand UX and UI Like Its Their First Language

User Experience? User Interface? The two terms focus on how shoppers navigate your site and the experience they receive. Combine UX and UI for a powerful way to amplify your customers’ experience with your ecommerce store.

The good news is you probably know more than you think about UX. After all, who builds a site where you can’t find product pages without going on a scavenger hunt? However, it takes some expertise and technique to layer in UX and UI to work together seamlessly and draw out the natural habits and tendencies of online browsers.

They Know What Converts

You may know your niche product is a game-changer for your industry and will sell well. But no one will buy it if they don’t know about your Shopify store or find your site navigation frustrating.

Shopify marketing experts San Diego understand how the layers of products, design, interface, email marketing, product copy, and every area of your site work together. They know what to look for to increase conversions to start building sales momentum for your business.

What is the difference between UX and UI?Shopify Experts Integrate Everything You Need

It’s true you can set-up a Shopify store in minutes. But you’ll quickly see it’s just a shell, and you still have an overwhelming amount of add-ons to consider:

  • Plugins
  • Email marketing
  • Sales chat
  • Analytics
  • Pop-ups
  • SEO copy

You can read every article ever written on getting your Shopify store fully integrated, or you turn to the pros to do it for you. Shopify marketing experts in San Diego know which plugins work best for your shop, best SEO practices, and how to get everything integrated and up and running quickly and efficiently.

They Know What You Don’t Need

There’s a ton of functionality involved with Shopify stores, making it both an overwhelming and empowering platform. Integrating everything you can possibly use with Shopify only degrades the user experience and could slow down your site. A Shopify marketing expert creates a strategy around what you need and gets rid of the rest.

They’re Not Afraid to A/B Test… Then Test Again

A/B testing and analytics are the heart of your ecommerce business. Your changes should be tested and monitored to see how traffic is impacted, how customers react, and how your conversions spike or fall. You really can’t skip this step while also trying to grow your business. The two go hand-in-hand.

Ready to Work with Shopify Marketing Experts San Diego?

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