What Do Shopify Conversion Specialist San Diego?

It’s easy to get up and running on Shopify in minutes, but there’s more to success than making your shop public for the world to see. Driving sales takes time, but if your store is seeing inconsistent sales or receiving lots of traffic with few purchases, there’s an issue with your conversions. The problem could lie in your plugins to UX design and require a critical, experienced eye to determine the next steps.

A Shopify conversion specialist San Diego transforms sites into a high-converting sales tool that helps you stand out from the competition. Here’s what Shopify specialists do and how they can impact your online business:

Audits Your Existing Shopify Site

If you already have a Shopify site and are seeing lackluster results from your efforts, you need a new strategy to transform your online business. A Shopify conversion specialist San Diego uses their experience and track record for success to audit your shop. From here, the team can make recommendations for a site redesign to help boost online traffic and conversions.

It’s also challenging to try an audit a site on your own. You built it to look a specific way for a reason and are unlikely to see problem areas without fresh eyes. An audit can uncover whether or not the user experience is intuitive and what areas of your site are unclear or need work.

Focuses on Conversions

It may sound obvious that a Shopify store should focus on conversions. But not all sites use best practices, tools, and techniques to enhance conversions. Instead, their Shopify store is visually pleasing to look at and offers excellent products, but there’s no journey or motivation for users to stick around.

Builds an Intuitive UX and UI Design

User Experience Design and User Interface are often used interchangeably but are distinct techniques. Each helps enhance the user’s journey through your site from browsing to clicks. There’s more to it than making your site intuitive and easy to navigate. You also need a site that keeps customers on your page and entices them to stay.

Uses the Best Plugin-Ins

There are thousands of Shopify plugins that do everything from reducing shopping cart abandonment to help with customer service. However, too many plugins, or the wrong ones, can drag down the speed of your site and compromise conversions. A Shopify conversion specialist San Diego can make recommendations for the best, most efficient plugins to use for your store. The Digital Nomad Design team can also help enhance existing plugins to provide the functionality you’re looking for.

Offers Story Brand Contributions

Do you have a clear and actionable method for communication with your customers? Digital Nomad Designs uses the StoryBrand framework to help businesses clarify their message using a seven-part process. Your messaging and marketing structure focuses on the hero’s journey with a story-driven approach where the consumer is the center of everything.

There is an art to writing in the StoryBrand voice that requires some creativity and persistence but is an effective way to grab the reader’s attention and spur conversions. A Shopify conversion specialist San Diego does more than mimics the StoryBrand style; they also apply it to ecommerce business and best practices.

IncludesEmail Marketing Integration

Are you leveraging the power of email marketing to nurture your customers? Your Shopify site should give customers an enticing reason to sign up for your list, whether a coupon code or irresistible free offer. Digital Nomad Designs can integrate your email marketing, so you’re ready to communicate with your audience and sell to them again and again.

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