Why Digital Nomad Designs is The Shopify Conversion Expert You Need to Grow Your Business

 At Digital Nomad Designs, we create Shopify websites to represent your company to your audience. But we don’t only just create Shopify websites, we optimize them with SEO and analytics to create a web design that focuses on the user experience. We accomplish this with our tools and knowledge, making us the Shopify conversion expert you need to grow your business. 

Shopify Conversion Experts Optimize with SEO 

Your website should constantly be updated and optimized with search engine optimization to ensure your website stays relevant on Google’s search results. After creating your website, you can hire us to keep your website relevant by publishing SEO pages with important keywords. Besides SEO pages, we can also create content like blogs and emails that are also optimized with keyword-rich content. We use these keywords to create content marketing campaigns to get your audience to convert into customers. We create, maintain, and grow your website and your SEO ranking, too. 

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Shopify Conversion Experts Utilize Data

You might be wondering where we get these keywords from and the answer is data! Data is a Shopify conversion expert’s best friend when it comes to creating a website that converts audiences. When we create your Shopify website, we install Google Analytics to run behind the scenes. Google Analytics can track beneficial data like where your traffic is coming from and what pages they visit and for how long. 

By utilizing Google Analytics, we can evaluate what is working and what needs to be improved. With this data, we see how your audience interacts with your website and what they’re interested in. This valuable information helps guide our Shopify conversion experts into taking action to produce results and conversions. 

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Shopify Conversion Experts Keep Clients Happy

Our Shopify conversion experts not only work with Shopify but with our clients too! The key to why Digital Nomad Designs is so successful with our website creations is partly due to our knowledgeable and experienced team but also our communication with our clients. 

While creating your website, we create a prototype in Figma so you’re able to see the process. We pride ourselves on being transparent throughout the design process because we want our websites to be what our clients imagined. It’s why we send multiple versions of the website when we’re in the design process. 

And when creating websites, we are proud to create a website for our clients that is uniquely theirs. Your Shopify website will stand out when you choose us as your Shopify conversion expert. This is because we use our Shopify Partner benefits to upgrade your website to a Shopify Plus website. Shopify Plus lets us use unique web designs to make your Shopify website stand out amongst the competition. We use and incorporate features like:

  • Built-in augmented reality and 3D
  • Product video
  • Custom capabilities and automated workflows
  • Event scheduling
  • Adding custom discounts, promotions, and shipping rates to check out
  • And so much more!

The data we use from Google Analytics is broken down into readable information that we share with our clients. This way our clients stay in the loop about what’s happening with their website. It helps keep us accountable and also our clients happy because they better understand why our Shopify conversion experts do what they do. 

Why DND Should Be Your Shopify Conversion Expert

Digital Nomad Designs has three focuses when working with our clients: design, build, and grow. We design your website with your branding in mind and build it using our Shopify knowledge and resources. Lastly, we work with all of our clients on an ongoing basis to grow your business consistently. From SEO to shop management to content creation, we always aim to optimize the user experience and improve the conversion rate. Ready to have a Shopify website that converts? Contact Ari to make us your Shopify conversion expert!