Web Design Agency San Diego - Le BuzzIf you’re an online business owner or just trying to build your online presence, you’re probably always focused on one thing: more traffic. SEO Services San Diego can help uplevel your business and increase your online visibility. Here’s how it works. 

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and involves the process of improving your site to increase visibility for searches. If you typed in keywords like, SEO services San Diego and this page popped up, it means our efforts to improve our company’s visibility are doing their work.

Read an SEO case study of how we did it.

Writing for SEO

One of the cornerstones of good SEO is incorporating quality keywords into your writing. Copywriters and marketers use SEM Rush, Keysearch, Ahrefs, and other pro tools to figure out which keywords to focus on. There is somewhat science to it. Aim for a highly competitive keyword, and you’re unlikely to see much traction. Focus on low traffic keywords, and you’re unlikely to see much payoff.

Choosing the right keywords also takes some skill in studying search intent, what your competitors are doing, and making it all sound engaging. After all, if the writing is lackluster and falls flat, you won’t keep your audience’s attention. When people quickly leave your site, it increases your “bounce rate,” which can devalue your rankings. If Google doesn’t think your site offers any value, your page ranking will stay flat.

Creating SEO Product Descriptions

If you run an ecommerce store or are a service provider, you need product descriptions that convert. It’s a balance of writing snappy copy that shows potential customers why your products and services are valuable and entices them to click or follow up. However, you also need SEO power in your writing to get Google’s attention.

Focus on product names and copy that integrate as much of your SEO keywords as possible. Remember not to “overstuff” your writing. Using the same keyword over and over again dilutes the user experience and will backfire. Create natural-sounding copy that is easy to read, actionable, and peppers in your keywords of choice.

On-Site SEO

On-site SEO, or on-page SEO, takes elements on your website and optimizes them for SEO. Adding metadata to your posts and pages, alt data to your images, and integrating keywords, are all ways to enhance on-site SEO. You may already know optimizing all of your content is essential, but so is consistency. Building new pages and posts every week earns powerful results with the right strategy and persistence.

Build Quality Backlinks

What is the difference between UX and UI?Unlike on-site SEO, off-site SEO involves things that happen off your website but improve its rankings. Social media posts, articles on other people’s sites that link back to your site, and media mentions are all examples of off-site SEO at work.

Sounds easy, right? The only issue is finding places to build up those quality backlinks is time-consuming and takes relationship nurturing. Not all sites offer “do-follow” links, which can also impact your off-site SEO efforts. Working with SEO services, San Diego can help earn the backlinks you need to gain the traction you want.

Increase Site Speed

People generally expect sites to load within 3 seconds or less. Yet Google research shows that the average mobile site often takes over fifteen seconds to load! Every second counts, and your conversions are sure to drop off dramatically.

Site speed gets sluggish quickly due to a wide variety of factors. Large photo sizes, graphics, and too many apps are just a few places to investigate your site speed issues. It could also be your website theme or a problem with your current web hosting provider.

Get an SEO Website Audit

A website audit from an SEO Services San Diego provider is a powerful way to figure out where your website is lacking and what areas to focus on to strengthen your efforts. The team at Digital Nomad Designs offers complimentary website audits to explore how to supercharge your business for success. Fill out a request for a free website audit or book a call here.