6 Search Engine Ranking Factors Your SEO Services Expert Should Utilize in Austin

Your SEO services expert should be doing everything to increase your website ranking. This should include creating high-quality and unique content, ensuring your website is accessible by users and search engines, and more. These are the six search engine ranking factors your SEO services expert should be utilizing, in Austin and worldwide. 

Search Engine Ranking Factor #1: Content Quality 

What gets your website to the top of a search engine page is your content quality. It’s the ultimate ranking factor, which is why your website needs high-value content. Part of high-value content includes long content. Long content will provide thorough answers to questions people search, and Google likes that. But it can’t be irrelevant long content, the content has to be useful too. For example, a company that writes a blog about “5 Ways to Use [Insert Product or Keyword] will perform better than content like “Why I Love [Insert Product or Keyword]. 

If your SEO services expert isn’t producing high-quality content, contact us! We’d be happy to assess your SEO and provide feedback. Part of our Website Growth services includes content creation like blogs, email, and SEO pages. 

SEO Services Expert Should Create Unique Content

In addition to content being high quality, long-form, and relevant, your SEO services expert should also be creating unique content. Any consumer will quickly find out with a search how much content is out there. It’s why your content has to stand out by being different. If your content is only repeating what’s out there, it won’t rank high. 

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Search Engine Ranking Factor #3: Fully Accessible

Enough about content, let’s talk about your website. Is your SEO services expert ensuring your website is fully accessible? And by accessible, we mean not only accessible by the person doing the search, but by the search engine too. Search engines should be able to fully crawl and index content on your website. And if they can’t, it hurts your ranking since the search engine won’t index the page. Check if your page is accessible by utilizing the URL Inspection feature in Google Search Console.  

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SEO Services Experts Should Optimize Your Website

Again going back to your website, your SEO services expert should be optimizing your website all the time. While it means optimizing web pages with keywords, URLs, and metadata, it also means optimizing your website for all devices. Your SEO services expert should have your website optimized for desktops, mobile devices, tablets, and TVs. This is especially important for mobile devices since most people utilize one for their searches. Google even stated, “Mobile pages that provide a poor searcher experience can be demoted in rankings or displayed with a warning in mobile search results.” Ready for the test? Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to find out! 

If you need help optimizing your website for mobile or implementing specific recommendations from the Mobile-Friendly Test, contact us! Our SEO services experts create web designs to focus on the user experience. This means creating a friendly and optimized website that’s easy for users to navigate. 

Search Engine Ranking Factor #5: Quantity of Backlinks

SEO services experts know backlinks are important. Search engines use backlinks to determine your search engine ranking. The more backlinks your content has, the more credible your website is seen by search engines. Backlinks help boost your authority on the topic when they’re linked to credible sources. 

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anchor text used by seo services experts in austinSearch Engine Ranking Factor #6: Anchor Text

Anchor text is text linked to other documents or locations. It provides content and helps search engines and users figure out what the webpage is about. Your SEO services expert should be utilizing anchor texts not only in the webpage but in the code for the page as well. Google likes anchor text that is “useful, descriptive, and relevant.”

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