4 Strategies Every SEO Companies Specialist Should Do for Austin Businesses

You want your company to end up on the first page of a Google search, so to increase that ranking, you want to boost your SEO. Here are 4 strategies every SEO companies specialist should do to optimize your Austin website. 

#1: Use Long-Tail Keywords

SEO companies specialists should be not only using long keywords, but also long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are longer than regular keywords and will be more specific. This is an advantage over short keywords since it’s more specific, it will attract a more specific audience. 

At Digital Nomad Designs, we can help you find and optimize the right keywords for your Austin website or eCommerce website, long-tail or regular keywords. Our website and eCommerce growth services include keyword analysis. 

seo companies specialists strategy: #2: Become an Authority by Publishing Blogs#2: Become an Authority by Publishing Blogs

When it comes to SEO content, you want to be seen as an authority figure which means publishing blogs frequently. And not only publish blogs regularly, but your SEO companies specialist should have links to credible sources. Links to other authority websites will boost your SEO too while also building trust with your audience. A good SEO companies specialist (like us!) will only link to websites with a higher authority than yours so you’re not linking to your competitors. 

Digital Nomad Designs has several clients, Austin-based and nationwide, that we publish blogs for regularly. If you need help creating, writing, and publishing your blogs, contact us! Part of our website and eCommerce growth services includes content marketing and content creation for blogs, emails, etc. We have a talented team of copywriters, designers, and SEO companies specialists to ensure growth in your company. 

#3: Optimizing All

SEO companies specialists shouldn’t be just optimizing your website with just content. They should be optimizing URLs, meta descriptions, and images in addition to using keywords and following SEO best practices. The URL to the page should be unique and contain your keyword or business name. Meta descriptions are also important as it is the first text a reader will see. The description should be engaging and entertaining for the reader so they click on your page. The meta description should also be about 60 characters. The SEO companies specialist should be able to craft a short blurb to attract the reader to your website.

If you need help with your metadata and URLs, we’d be happy to analyze how your website is performing now and offer improvements. We can help install those improvements too! 

seo specialist strategy #4: Using Analytics Tools#4: Using Analytics Tools

Once an SEO companies specialist implements all these strategies, they need to track the performance of the keywords and the strategies used. SEO companies specialists should use analytics tools to measure the performance of your website’s SEO. SEO specialists should be familiar with the reporting tools WordPress or Shopify can offer, but they must be familiar with third-party platforms too. 

Our SEO companies specialists in Austin at Digital Nomad Designs utilize Google Analytics as their analytics tool. Google Analytics helps our clients understand the practices we do and the return on investment they provide. We love being able to share our SEO progress with our clients. It’s why our website and eCommerce growth services include reporting and progress tracking. 

If you need help with any of these SEO strategies, contact us today! We’d be happy to have our SEO companies specialists analyze your website. Besides providing SEO services to our clients, we help improve their website so it’s user-friendly. By improving the user experience, our client’s conversions grow too! We’re advanced in WordPress and Shopify development, so we can help you with your website or create a new one! Whatever you need help with, Digital Nomad Designs can help.