6 Skills SEO Companies Experts Should Know in Austin

SEO companies experts are also called SEO specialists because they specialize in optimizing websites to rank higher on search engines. In other words, this expert generates more traffic to your website. This is an important aspect of your website, so you should choose your SEO companies experts in Austin wisely. Here are six skills Digital Nomad Designs has to be the perfect SEO companies experts. 

Key Skills SEO Companies Experts in Austin

Before hopping into the skills an SEO companies experts should have, let’s cover the key skills first. There is more to SEO than just adding keywords to your website. Being an SEO companies expert means being an expert in different fields of digital marketing. The key skills an SEO companies experts should have are:

  • Writing and web design
  • Searching for high volume and low competition keywords
  • Understand and use HTML
  • Copywriting
  • Promote and build links to key pages
  • Knowledge of emerging SEO trends and Google algorithm changes


Besides knowing the basic and key skills of SEO, there is more to the job than most people realize. Here are the additional skills your SEO companies experts need to know.

Skill #1: Finding and Choosing Keywords

The keywords your SEO companies experts choose are important. It will define who engages with your content and how your website will rank in search engines. The right keywords will get you to the top of Google’s first search page. The wrong keywords will get one on the last page of Google. And who looks on other pages of Google besides the first? Moz conducted a study in 2014 and found barely 4% of people go to the second-page of search results. 


Skills #2: Content Marketing

Now that your SEO companies experts have the keywords, they need the right content to put their keywords in. The right content with the right keywords will reach your ideal audience. But the right keywords with the wrong content will be a waste of time and money. If your ideal audience is using emails but focusing on content for blog posts, then you’re wasting your time. 

But if you’re looking to publish blogs, longer content performs better than shorter content. It’s why DND offers blogs, SEO pages, and more content marketing and content creation as services to our clients. Our SEO companies experts aim for blogs of at least 600 words and SEO pages with a minimum of 700 words. Need help with your content marketing? Book a call today

Skill #3: Optimizing Content

You can’t just have the right content either, it needs to be optimized to perform at its best. But it’s more than just throwing in your keywords. SEO companies experts should be using backlinks, short URLs, including your keyword in the URL, LSI keywords, title tag, and click thru rate, outbound links, and more!

As SEO companies experts at Digital Nomad Designs, we optimize content with all these SEO tips and tricks. This helps your website rank higher, especially when the keyword is incorporated into these SEO tools. 

Skill #4: Technical Optimization

Optimizing content is crucial, but technical optimization is a must for big websites like e-commerce websites that have several pages. Technical optimization means improving technical aspects of your website to help with improving ranking. This means ensuring your website loads quickly and securely, has internal linking, doesn’t have dead links or duplicate content, and has structured data. 

At Digital Nomad Designs, our SEO companies experts ensure your content is SEO optimized and technically optimized too. Get your content technically optimized today! Book a call here

Skill #5:  Link Building 

Keywords are what everyone thinks is the key to SEO, but link building is also a huge part of SEO. It’s why backlinking is crucial for ending up with a high rank. With backlinking, you acquire links to your website from other websites. This builds your authority when it comes from high-quality and reputable sites, while also improving your search engine results ranking. 

Skill #6: Always Testing and Learning

A key part of the best employees and companies is one that is always testing and learning. Without testing new ideas and hypotheses, how will someone learn what works and doesn’t? 

We know how important testing and learning are at Digital Nomad Designs. It’s why it’s one of our values and why we offer A/B testing! Being a lifetime student and innovating and forward thinking are two of our values at DND. We aim to get ahead of the trend and competition with our out-of-the-box thinking. And as lifelong students, we’re always evolving our craft. 

If you need help improving your search engine ranking and your search engine optimization, contact us today!