Whether you sell products online or have a website for your service business, you can’t rely on word-of-mouth to launch, scale, and grow your business. There’s so much focus on finding the right niche, finding your target audience, and choosing the right products or services that people often overlook a crucial element to running a business: SEO. You also need Google to pay attention to your online business and show it to targeted buyers. Instead of waiting months for Google to rank keywords that may not accurately represent your business, turn to SEO services Austin to uplevel your results. 

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What Is SEO?

You may know without a doubt that SEO is crucial to your business but not really know what it’s all about. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and helps your website rank and attract organic traffic. You can’t pay to rank high on Google, which is good and bad news. On the upside, even small businesses can compete for the top rankings on the coveted first page of Google. On the other hand, it means there’s competition to climb those ranks and make sure your site is seen.

Does SEO Really Make That Much of a Difference?

SEO is your website’s #1 most effective strategy for getting organic traffic. Research shows that SEO drives 1,000%+ more traffic than organic social media, and 49% of those polled use Google to discover or find a new item or product. Social media marketing adds some benefit and works almost like word-of-mouth marketing. As more people hear about your site and link to it, those backlinks can also be helpful. However, unless you have a wildly impressive social media following, you need to focus on SEO to compete. 

SEO Companies Austin

Doing SEO on your own is what author and online entrepreneur Marie Foleo calls “figureoutable.” However, that doesn’t mean it’s not complicated. Building an SEO strategy requires a mix of keyword research, search intent, studying the competition, adding metadata and alt data, site speed, lowering your bounce rate, earning backlinks, and more. It also takes testing, obsessing over latest trends, and staring into the abyss of the Internet to figure out what else to try. All of those things combined are a full-time job. Unless you love SEO and tackle things that are “figureoutable,” you need help to see results. Digital Nomad Designs offers a combination of web development, SEO, copywriting, marketing strategy, and back-end maintenance while practicing the latest digital marketing trends. Unlike other SEO companies Austin, we specifically focus on WordPress and Shopify and have a track record for success.

Is SEO Hard?

Yes and no. Employing a consistent, strategic, and cohesive SEO strategy is challenging and requires serious focus. However, seeing results is not difficult when you take the right approach. Many businesses quit before they see traction with SEO, but it takes time for Google to notice and start ranking what you’re doing. Updating your website now and again also isn’t enough to compete. You need a complete strategy that focuses on your user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). 

Even difficult products and services can rank well in Google. Our team took a seasonal product with little traffic to #1 in Google to gain more visibility, increase traffic and convert more sales. SEO can be a powerful lead generation strategy even with a seasonal business. Read the SEO case study here. 

Not All SEO is Quality SEO

Before you work with any SEO companies Austin, be diligent and do your research. Many companies will promise a #1 keyword ranking on Google. Here’s the truth: No one can guarantee that, not even Google. Their algorithm is complex and constantly evolving to improve the user experience. Many SEO companies Austin will also focus on what’s called “black hat tactics” that could end up ranking you for obscure keywords you don’t care about. Some techniques are also strongly discouraged by Google and could get your business de-listed altogether. If you do manage to attract traffic with disavowed techniques, it’s going to result in un-targeted traffic that quickly leaves your site. When Google sees traffic immediately leaving your site and your bounce rate raising, it tells the search engine Gods people don’t like your site and aren’t getting what they want. Consequently, Google knocks down the ranking on your site.

Final Thoughts

Although digital marketing takes time to scale, it’s also doable and within your reach. You need a solid partnership with a SEO Services Austin company that understands your unique challenges and is willing to put in the work to bring your online traffic roadmap to life. Want to talk to the team at Digital Nomad Designs about your product and marketing goals? Book a free call here to discuss your project.