Creating a website is relatively simple with so many free templates and power-packed platforms like WordPress or Shopify. However, creating a viable online business that converts sales is a different challenge altogether. Without results-driven marketing for your online business, your website is a digital brochure hoping to get attention. Instead of reinventing the wheel and building a digital empire from scratch, work with an online marketing specialist Austin to take your business to new levels. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect.

Audit Your Website or Ecommerce Store

Many business owners think of their website or ecommerce store and marketing as two different things. In reality, they coexist together to convert sales and create brand loyalty. Your online presence should be audited to see what your business is doing right and what needs improvement. You may need a more intuitive interface focusing on UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) to help attract and convert more customers. Research shows that 88% of online shoppers won’t return to a website after having a bad user experience, and 70% of online businesses that fail suffer from poor usability! Your site may also need some tweaks to improve your site speed and make your site more search-engine friendly to give your organic search a boost.

Strategize and Develop Digital Marketing Campaigns

Your business needs a marketing strategy that develops and executes winning campaigns. Whether it’s email marketing or a blog post series, your business needs a plan to compete in the marketplace and raise brand awareness. Every business is different, so make sure your marketing specialists understand how to grow an online presence or ecommerce store and not simply create stunning websites. Here’s where an online marketing specialist Austin’s work should shine.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is about more than blogging or posting on social media. It requires a strategy that informs, educates, or entertains your audience while promoting a product or service. However, that promotion should feel natural and organic without over-selling. A content marketing strategy also requires persistence and patience to see results. An ongoing editorial calendar for your blog is one place to start but requires a strategy that offers value to your audience while highlighting the benefits of your products or services.

online marketing specialist Austin - Digital Nomad DesignsSEO

SEO is practically a full-time job with strategizing, researching, implementing, and adjusting. An online marketing specialist Austin takes the burden off your plate and focuses on improving your organic search. However, anyone can rank for easy keywords that no one is looking for or competing over. Instead, your SEO strategy should also include search intent, targeting the right audience, and earning more conversions through qualified leads. 

Read more about how effective SEO works here: Xtreme Heaters SEO Case Study: Taking a Seasonal Product with Little Traffic to #1 In Google. 

Create Digital Marketing Assets

If you’re creating graphics and content that no one is paying attention to, you need the help of online marketing specialist Austin. Your assets should look professional, engaging, and entice action. Talk to the team at Digital Nomad Designs about how to give your marketing efforts an upgrade and help your business attract the attention it deserves. 

Website Testing & Maintenance

A good online marketing specialist Austin earns results for their clients. It’s not enough to come up with strategies and hope for the best; your developer should also study your online analytics and make adjustments to your website accordingly. Studying your analytics with a plan to let it shape your ongoing website maintenance is also a powerful way to gain momentum and improve your results.

Online Marketing Specialist Austin Next Steps

A website are more than a digital brochure for your business; it is the cornerstone of your business. A professional-looking website helps your business turn into a well-designed, high-converting sales machine from first impressions to nailing the sale. Digital Nomad Designs is here to help. We integrate web design and development, SEO services, and other digital marketing solutions.

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