If you want to grow your online traffic and dominate your market, you need local SEO Services Irvine. Research shows that 88% of SEO local mobile search results in a store visit or phone call within 24 hours, offering an invaluable source of ongoing traffic and leads. Local SEO is a powerful tool that helps establish credibility and increase your profits, but it needs a strategy to work. Here’s what to know about SEO, why it’s essential, and how it helps rapidly scale your business.

What Is Local SEO?

Shopify SEO Marketing Austin - Digital Nomad DesignsLocal SEO is a series of techniques and methods that help increase your local search visibility and is usually targeted toward small to medium-sized businesses or brick-and-mortar stores across multiple markets. Local search also considers the differences in search intent. A local search algorithm is focused on proximity and how to best serve consumers who want local information. 

Scale Up Your Online Exposure

There’s no way around it–it’s almost impossible to scale up your online exposure without good SEO in place. There are a few exceptions. If you’re an in-demand influencer with scores of social media traffic, you may not need SEO. However, you’re also reliant on the whims of social media platforms and fickle audiences to continue staying relevant and visible in your industry.

When it comes to local search, SEO is everything. You need reliable, targeted organic traffic that converts. Instead of simple visibility, think of SEO as a lead-generation tool to attract business to your website around-the-clock.

Dominate Your Local Market

Are you wondering if local SEO services Irvine are even worth it? According to research, nearly half (46%) of all Google searches seek some kind of local information. You can still attract an audience through channels like Yelp and social media, but you’re missing out on vital traffic flooding your market every day.

SEO can help you stay on top of your competition, no matter your market. But when you’re focused on local SEO, you have more leverage to stand out. Instead of trying to crush your SEO strategy around the world, you can hone in on standing out in Irvine. Depending on your goals and the type of business you run, you can see results faster in your local market and attract the organic traffic you’re looking for.

Expand Beyond Keywords

Keywords are a cornerstone of good SEO, but it isn’t the whole story of how to rank and stay visible online. How easy your site is to navigate (or the User Interface and User Experience) directly impacts your SEO. Studies show that 75% of people judge a company’s credibility based on its website, and 94% of the site’s first impressions are design-related. 

When someone shows up at your site, doesn’t like the experience, and leaves, your bounce rate increases. Google looks at your bounce rate and site speed as part of your ranking. If Google determines your site isn’t high-quality enough, the search engine can choose not to rank your site at all.

Grow Strategically

Coworkers at a white board charting out growth - Local SEO Services IrvineGetting ranked on Google and attracting traffic shouldn’t be like turning on a fire hose. It’s not about nonstop traffic and volume. Instead, you need qualified, targeted traffic that blends consumer search intent with the goals of your business. For example, a sports clothing company catering to hot weather doesn’t need a flood of traffic looking for fall clothing. You want your ideal customers to find your business based on a rock-solid SEO strategy that aligns with your goals.

Test and Optimize Your Results

SEO is never a set-it-and-forget-it service. Creating, implementing, and testing robust local SEO services in Irvine takes time. Even a killer strategy needs tweaking over time as Google’s algorithm changes and your local competition shifts. SEO should be an ongoing part of your regional marketing strategy with continuous A/B testing, monitoring, and adjustments to help grow your online presence and bottom line.

Get Local SEO Services Irvine

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