Are you building an online business or need an Irvine WordPress Designer to build your online presence? Whether you’re new to the online landscape or a pro who wants to break through plateaus, we can help. Digital Nomad Designs is dedicated to the WordPress platform and helping you earn the traffic you deserve with a 365-degree approach. From organic SEO to the best UX and UI available, here’s what to know about taking the next step on your WordPress journey.

Intuitive Designs Strategy

Wordpress Designer and Developer San Deigo - Digital Nomad DesignsOnline entrepreneurs are no strangers to WordPress templates and they can offer a solid resource to help get you started. But you still need a hands-on design approach to stand out from the competition. WordPress templates aren’t necessarily optimized to provide the best intuitive experience.

Any Irvine WordPress designer you work with should go beyond great-looking web design. It should also focus on enhancing the UX, or User Experience, and UI, or User Interface. Together, they can guide visitors through your website for a satisfying customer experience. Everything from color to slow-loading graphics and navigation can impact how a customer feels about your website.

When customers can’t navigate or understand your website, they’re not going to stick around for long, which can also impact your bounce rate and Google ranking. Studies show that 88% of online customers say they wouldn’t return to a website after having a bad user experience.

Mobile Optimization

Optimizing your site for mobile also ties into the User Experience to significantly impact whether or not your audience will stick around and convert. Studies show that 52% of people say a bad mobile experience makes them lose faith in a company.

The good news is that WordPress already provides mobile-ready templates, but it’s more than just making sure your site automatically adjusts to a mobile screen. A skilled WordPress designer Irvine will also focus on the overall UX of your mobile site and how to best serve your audience. Our team may suggest additional navigation options or subtle changes to your CTA and product pages to increase conversions and have a steady impact on your revenue or leads. 

Reporting and Analytics

A website should never be a set-it-and-forget-it experience and requires strategic maintenance. Digital Nomad Designs studies your analytics and reporting to track progress and figure out what’s working and what’s not. In order to develop a growth strategy that takes into account your ongoing metrics, clients who choose our ongoing SEO services also investigate keyword research and user search intent. Our goal is to help you shatter plateaus and grow your online business or digital presence.

Maximizes WordPress Plugins

The WordPress platform excels at offering valuable plugins that do everything from keeping your site safe from cyber attacks to enhancing your SEO efforts. But not all plugins are worth your while and don’t necessarily play well together. For example, they may drag down your site speed and cause Google to penalize your ranking. Your WordPress designer Irvine should recommend only the most powerful plugins to protect the integrity of your website and keep it running at its optimal capacity. 

WordPress SEO Strategy

It’s important to know that not all WordPress designer Irvine will provide SEO consulting, maintenance, or a done-for-you strategy and implementation. However, SEO is the cornerstone of earning organic traffic and winning a long-term influx of customers and leads. You can do SEO yourself, but it requires understanding the ever-changing landscape of how it works and what Google currently considers valuable. Otherwise, you could earn tons of traffic that isn’t actually targeted to what you offer and fail to convert altogether.

If your company is a luxury builder that wants to attract coastal clients, you may find it easy to rank for “home builder equipment.” Yet this kind of keyword won’t attract your audience or the search intent you’re looking for to earn luxury customers who will convert to the services you offer.

Winning at SEO also includes keeping your bounce rate low, enhancing your site speed, using technical SEO and on-site SEO, building backlinks, and building a secure website. It takes time to rank for highly valuable keywords and requires a commitment to realize its effectiveness and profitability. It is not an overnight strategy for success. 

Hire an Irvine WordPress Designer

Ready to hire your next Irvine WordPress designer? We’re here to help. Digital Nomad Designs are WordPress web design experts. Whether it’s SEO, website management, content creation, or A/B testing, our goal is to always optimize the user experience and improve your conversion rate. Ready to launch or grow your online presence? Book a call with us today to discuss your project.