Do you need an Irvine Shopify Designer to help build your e-commerce business and break through plateaus? Whether your online store is brand new or you’re struggling to make more sales, we can help. The right tools, templates, plugins, and SEO strategy can all help revolutionize your path to entrepreneurship. However, not all designers focus on the e-commerce industry. You need a team that’s dedicated to the Shopify platform and e-commerce industry practices to make the most of your site. In 2022 alone, Shopify generated over $5 billion in sales, making it a valuable place to build your digital storefront.

Here’s what to look at during your Shopify journey and how our design team can help you realize your e-commerce goals.

Unique Storefronts and Design

laptop with shopify screen - Shopify Experts Irvine - Digital nomad designs.jpgShopify offers dozens of templates and layouts to choose from, but you need something more to stand out from the competition. Instead of settling on a generic template, your Irvine Shopify designer should create a unique style and brand that your customers recognize.

Digital Nomad Designs are Shopify Partners, designers, and SEO specialists offering branding services as a turnkey service. Our goal is to create a done-for-you experience where we collaborate towards your success for a consistent, sustainable income stream.

Seamless UX and UI

Hiring an Irvine Shopify designer should always deliver more than a great-looking website. UX, or the User Experience, and UI, or the User Interface, should work seamlessly together to make your online store easy to navigate and make purchases. Both UX and UI directly impact the first impression a consumer has of your online store and how they find your products. If it’s too difficult to navigate, shoppers are less likely to make it all the way through the checkout process before abandoning their cart.

UX and UI also impact your SEO efforts and where you rank in Google. If your graphics and images load too slowly, that will drag down your ranking. The same thing goes for a high bounce rate. If shoppers come by and leave your site within seconds, Google will decide they’re not finding value and will also keep your online rank low. Talk to an Irvine Shopify designer about earning more organic traffic to increase your sales and revenue.

Access to the Shopify Partners Program

Investing in an Irvine Shopify designer should mean they have access to the Shopify Partner Program. If they’re not members, they don’t have access, and they’re missing out on the best learning tools, courses, enhanced support, and a dedicated community of supportive online entrepreneurs. Digital Nomad Designs is a member of the program and is focused on building high-functioning, profitable Shopify stores for our clients to foster their success.

Analysis of Your E-commerce Store

Building a Shopify store is not a set-it-and-forget-it experience. You still need experts to analyze your e-commerce store’s performance and ongoing growth. Digital Nomad Designs offers ongoing SEO services and analyzes what’s working and what’s not. We provide website audits to identify the gaps in revenue and create an action plan tailored to meet the unique goals of your e-commerce business.

Get Actionable Ways to Boost Your Online Sales

There’s no way to take shortcuts in e-commerce to see the growth you want. You need a solid foundation to build from that includes a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website and ongoing SEO to improve your organic traffic.

However, our team is experienced in helping boost sales for a consistent improvement in revenue, including an abandoned shopping cart strategy. Roughly seven out of every ten shoppers won’t bother to complete their transaction, leaving hundreds to thousands of dollars behind. We advise on the best strategies, apps, and CTAs to improve the customer journey and snag some of those abandoned shopping carts and wandering shoppers to put more money back into your business.  

Hire an Irvine Shopify Designer

When you’re ready to take the next steps and hire an Irvine Shopify designer, we’re here to help. Digital Nomad Designs are Shopify web design experts and Shopify Partners. Whether it’s SEO, shop management, content creation, or A/B testing, our goal is to always optimize the user experience and improve your conversion rate. Ready to launch or grow your online store? Book a call with us today to discuss your project.