There’s more to creating a great website than good design. Everything from how your audience interacts with your website to how well it converts is wrapped up in UX design. UX, or the User Experience, is about interaction and engagement, requiring a solid design and big-picture strategy.

Make sure your project finds the intersection between great design and a high-converting goal. Here’s how to hire UX designer that amplifies your online success.

Solid UX Portfolio

First and foremost, you want to hire a UX designer with a rock-solid portfolio. Remember, you’re not just looking for how incredible a website looks, but its User Experience. Is the site easy to navigate, and what features does it use for a seamless transaction?

Beyond UX, you also want to consider your niche. Ecommerce stores and online businesses need a UX expert who understands your industry, trends, and the current landscape to develop an online presence that converts.

UI Knowledge

Beyond a solid foundation for UX, your designers should also have deep UI knowledge. UI speaks to the screens, buttons, icons, and visual elements a customer interacts with when using a website or app. Meanwhile, UX embodies the entire interaction someone has with a website or product from start to finish. Without a sound understanding of UI, the UX falters. They need to work together cohesively for a winning online experience.

Ability to Explain Complex Concepts

UX and UI are sometimes challenging to implement because they combine technical and abstract concepts. It will help your project go smoother if you hire a UX designer who understands how to explain complex concepts.

For example, part of UX designs illustrates empathy for the user, creates value through your website, and is designed. You need a designer who can explain user research, personas, the buyer’s journey, and testing results.

Knowledge of the Latest Tools

UX design isn’t just conceptual; it also requires using the right tools to maximize the potential of your website. Figma is one place to start with collaborative features that work in real-time. Your designers can make changes and get feedback in real time without the need to render and download changes. The process is more efficient and ultimately saves you time and resources.

Incorporating the Best Apps

The best apps are essential to your success if you’re running an ecommerce store. But it’s more than a quality SEO app that helps you fill in copy and images. A UX designer looks at your online store, your abandoned cart strategy, how well you’re cross-selling and up-selling, and where customers are getting stuck on the buying journey. 

Shopify offers thousands of apps to choose from and, depending on your site, may not be worth your while. You want the best apps available that work seamlessly with your plugins and overall design for an efficient site. Otherwise, you could drag down your site speed and compromise your user experience.

Consistent Testimonials

When you hire UX designer, encourage them showcase their best work and testimonials. But more than just sparkling accolades, you want to see some consistency in those reviews. Here are a few things to look for in your UX designer’s testimonials:

  • Did they do great work?
  • Are they easy to work with?
  • Do they act as a mentor?
  • Did they help walk clients through the process
  • Are they reliable?

If you find their testimonials are only about creating great websites and nothing else, you may need to dig deeper. You want to hire a designer or team that makes your life and business easier for a stress-free design experience.

Shopify Web Designer

Track Record for Success

Even the most talented UX designers need more than a portfolio and glowing words from clients. Your UX designer should hold a track record for success. Ask about their conversation rates, how they know their project is successful, and what types of tools they use for measurement. For example, an ecommerce store needs a UX designer with a Google Analytics certification and a vetted Shopify Partner who understands the platform and how to measure the provided data.

Next Steps: Hire UX Designer

Hundreds of talented UX designers are ready to work, but you want the right fit for your business. Make sure they’re prepared to collaborate, come to the project with fresh ideas, and can maximize your project with the right tools and mindset. Ready to hire UX Designer for your project? Book a call with us today!