Gone are the days when websites were coded by hand. We’re also moving away from an era where templates, apps, and generic plugins are used to create an online presence. If you want to take advantage of today’s latest technology that streamlines the process and enhances your site, headless website solutions San Diego could be the answer.

Unlike traditional website building, headless website technology manages everything from one location. It’s also easier to manage your store and offers a cohesive, user-friendly experience for your audience. Ready to explore it for yourself? Here’s how headless technology works.

What is Headless Website Solutions San Diego?

Website Design Trends - Digital Nomad DesignsWhen you use headless website solutions San Diego, your backend and front end are decoupled from one another. According to Shopify, “Headless commerce separates your backend infrastructure from your front-end customer touchpoints so that you can build new selling opportunities anywhere—all managed from a central location.” 

Headless website development dramatically simplifies and speeds up the process of creating and launching your website. Content is created through RESTful APIs to turn your online presence into a reality.

Take a Collaborative Approach to Website Development

One of the benefits of using headless web design for Shopify is the collaborative aspect. When all of your design and content is stored in a central location, collaborating is easier than ever. Your tech team can work from different places and around the world with real-time functionality.

Publish Content Updates from One Location

Headless website development San Diego makes it easy to manage content from one location. You can also use your existing content management system to publish to any of your storefronts instantly. Traditional content management systems are also slower to edit and render. However, headless CMS doesn’t have to deal with any rendering and leaves that up to other parts of your technology stacks. Think of the “head” of headless technology as to where your content ends up, like your Shopify store. The “body” is where all of the content is stored.

Use Your Favorite Tech Stack to Build Your Website

What is the difference between UX and UI?If you’re using a developer with expertise in a specific web stack, headless development is a flexible choice. The latest headless technology allows you to use your favorite tech stack to use the tools of your choice. Your developer may decide to use Shopify’s technology to build the majority of your ecommerce store. The headless development helps create the core of your site, and the developer can customize and add on flourishes with their tech stack. 

Not sure what a tech stack is? HubSpot reports that a web stack is “a group of technology-based tools that help businesses to operate effectively, market efficiently, and enable sales and service teams to provide an optimal customer experience.” Headless website development is flexible and empowers the process if you already have previous coding experience or are working with a developer.

Take Advantage of OmniChannel Selling

Omni-channel ecommerce is about offering the same seamless experience from multiple locations or devices.Headless Website Solutions San Diego - Digital Nomad Designs Whether your customers are shopping from your smartphone or a laptop, the selling experience looks and feels the same. But instead of manually making updates on multiple publishing channels, Headless website solutions San Diego allows you to do everything from one central location.

Headless technology also isn’t tied down to just one track, like a website. You can use the technology to manage apps or multiple websites. It saves you time, makes the process more efficient, and focuses on running your ecommerce store.

Ready to Try Headless website solutions San Diego for Yourself?

Creating a reliable and user-friendly website is just the first step in capturing the audience’s attention. You still need a comprehensive strategy for branding UX, UI, and how to scale. Want to talk to the team at Digital Nomad Designs about your content ideas and how headless design could help? Book a complimentary call here for questions and to discuss your project further.