Are you ready to make a great first impression on your online audience? It could dramatically impact your online sales. Studies found that 94% of first impressions of your business or website design are related. Your website needs to be user-friendly, fast, easy to navigate, and easily updated with the latest trends and technology. But what if you’re struggling to keep up with your website and your business at the same time? A headless marketing specialist Austin helps reimagine what’s possible for your site for a flawless and functioning site. 

But what is headless development? This emerging technology decreases the time to build and makes fast and efficient changes to your website or ecommerce store. Headless technology also improves your site’s seamless UX experience whether a customer is on a laptop or smartphone.

What Is a Headless Marketing Specialist Austin?

UX and UI for website designAccording to CMS Wire, “the term headless commerce — much like headless content management — refers to a business strategy and software architecture that decouples the frontend experience from the backend data and functionality.” In other words, your backend and frontend of your website are “decoupled” from one another.

A headless website marketing expert Austin is skilled at building your site with this latest technology. Content is created through RESTful APIs to turn your online ecommerce store or presence into a reality.

Publish Lightning Fast Content Updates

Traditional content management systems haven’t evolved much over the decades. They’re often slow to make changes and take time to render everything. But a headless CMS doesn’t have to deal with rendering and leaves that up to other parts of your technology stacks. Think of the “head” of headless technology as to where your content ends up, like your Shopify store. The “body” is where all of the content is stored. This separation makes it easier than ever to work quickly and efficiently.

Take Advantage of OmniChannel Selling

To compete in today’s digital marketplace, omnichannel marketing is a must. Omni-channel ecommerce is ultimately focused on providing a seamless customer experience. Whether your customers are shopping from your smartphone or laptop, the selling experience looks and feels the same.

 But instead of manually making updates on multiple publishing channels, headless web design allows you to do everything from one central location. The work is faster, seamless, and a more efficient way to work. A headless marketing specialist Austin helps navigate your omnichannel needs. Contact Digital Nomad Designs to learn more.

Increase Site Speed

What is the difference between UX and UI?Google prioritizes websites with fast load times across laptop and mobile devices. Shorter load times provide a better customer experience. Studies also show that customers will stick around longer when your pages load quickly. Best of all, rapid site speed ultimately converts more sales. Here’s another bonus of headless technology. Instead of weighing down your website with too many apps, relying on headless technology delivers your content faster than ever before. 

Bring Your Own Tech Stack

If you already have a dynamic web development team, headless technology complements your current skill set. A tech stack includes all the tools and resources a developer uses to design a new website. There are hundreds of ways to code a website, tools, templates, plugins, and apps available, and is part of the beauty of headless technology. Your team can still use the tech stack you love working in a while, integrating the efficiency of headless technology.

Ready to Work with a Headless Marketing Specialist Austin?Woman working on website - Headless Marketing Specialist Austin

Creating a reliable and user-friendly website is just the first step in capturing the audience’s attention. You still need a comprehensive strategy for branding UX, UI, and how to scale. Want to talk to the team at Digital Nomad Designs about your content ideas and how headless design could help? Book a complimentary call here for questions and to discuss your project further.