7 Reasons You Need Ecommerce Web Design San Diego

The ecommerce industry is booming with entrepreneurial spirits looking to build their business in the digital landscape. It’s also become more competitive and advanced as more people enter the marketplace.

Instead of figuring it out on your own ecommerce web design, San Diego can help simplify the process to build a robust online presence. Here’s how to know if an ecommerce design team is right for you.

You Need a Design Expert, Not Just a Template

There are over 1,200 Shopify templates and 11,000 WordPress themes available. Some are glorious, some look like they’re from the Craigslist era, and all require some know-how to get it integrated with the right plugins and tools to amplify your ecommerce business.

Templates can work. But ecommerce web design San Diego helps you turn your site into a well-designed, high-converting sales machine. Digital Nomad Designs integrates web design best practices with SEO, analytics, and A/B testing to turn your site into a business.

You Want to Stand Out from the Competition

There are an estimated 24 million ecommerce sites around the world, with more created daily. Of course, many of these aren’t your competitors or will even get off the ground. The remainder are an ever-present competition.

Choose a web design expert specializing in ecommerce and have deep knowledge of the platform you’re running your store on. Focusing on quality design, a good user experience, and techniques that convert can help you stand out and gain the traction you’re looking for.

Your Site Speed is Slow, And You Don’t Know Why

Lagging site speed will cause your customers to bail out before they ever get started shopping. Research shows that 53% of mobile website visitors will leave if a webpage doesn’t load within three seconds.

That doesn’t leave much room for chance. Design, product photos, content, plugins, and your server can all impact your site speed. Several things can also interact together and pull down your site speed, like using a particular plugin with a specific theme. If you’re not sure how to optimize your speed for both desktop and mobile, you need an expert to step in and help.

Your Mobile Presence is Lagging

You may be designing your ecommerce store on desktop, but most of your customers are likely on mobile. Mobile commerce is set to grow 68% by 2022 and dominate the online retail space. If you’re not optimized for mobile, you’re leaving revenue on the table.

The good news is most platforms like Shopify and WordPress already come with mobile-optimized templates. But then what? You still need the right templates, photos, and content to nail the user experience and keep people shopping on your site.

Your Ecommerce Site Isn’t Converting

There’s more to getting your ecommerce site up and running than web design. Even the most design-inspired sites in the world don’t necessarily convert. You need to figure out how your design offers a rock-solid user experience, how the user interface enhances your brand, and which areas of your site need work.

A combination of industry know-how, analytics, testing, and years of experience can help. Or you can hire ecommerce web design San Diego to bring their knowledge to the table and collaborate with you.

Your Customers Are Ignoring Some of Your Product Pages

Ever wonder why some of your product pages are converting, and others are totally ignored? It could be your products, or it could be your user experience and interface. Can customers easily find your products? Do they intuitively know how to navigate around your site?

If the answer is a resounding “No”, your customers are likely to get lost in the mix or abandon your site in favor of something more straightforward.

You Want to Grow Your Business

Is your zone of genius ecommerce web design that converts? If not, you should spend your time growing your business instead of working in it.

Devoting countless hours to web design, tweaks, and testing is rarely a good use of a business owner’s time. Just like you probably outsource your bookkeeping, you should also outsource quality ecommerce design to agencies devoted to your success.

Ecommerce Web Design San Diego Next Steps

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