Black Friday and Cyber Monday are nearly upon us, with staggering revenue potential. According to Adobe Analytics, Black Friday raked in $8.9 billion in 2021, and Cyber Monday hit $10.7 billion. But with a sea of competitors vying for consumer attention, how do you stand out and earn big with your ecommerce strategy?

Here’s what to know about the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales ideas and how to win this shopping season.

Create a Gift Guide

Despite all the frenzy around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consumers don’t always know what to buy for their loved ones.

Make it easy by creating a well-curated gift guide for:

  • Romantic partners
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Extended family
  • Friends
  • Colleagues
  • Acquaintances
  • Pets
  • Neighbors
  • Service workers (postal workers, cleaning crews, babysitters and more)

Remember your gift guides can range from Pinterest pins to video and blog posts. Video makes a significant impact on your ecommerce strategy if your products require a tutorial or sparks interest in how they work. 

Promote Product Bundles

If you’re not bundling your products, you’re leaving money on the table. According to research, up to 30% of ecommerce revenue comes from the sale of product bundles. Look through your list of products and pull up your analytics. What do your customers already buy together? Package and promote your items together for a more appealing together.

Product bundles are also a great way to move your slower-selling inventory. But make sure your bundles offer value and are desirable to your customers. Beyond selling product bundles, you can also use cross-selling and upselling apps to make the most of your ecommerce strategy.

Offer VIP Access

Reward your most loyal customers by offering VIP access for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Warm up your email list and tease your upcoming sale and what to expect. Here are a few ways you can position your VIP sale:

  • Extra discounts
  • Freebies and product samples
  • Early access shopping
  • Sneak product peaks
  • Limited-time VIP flash sales
  • Free shipping

There’s no single way to run a VIP sale during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But your ecommerce strategy should involve building a sense of urgency and spreading the news far and wide. You can also attract more sign-ups to your email list by offering VIP access and sales to anyone who joins.

Rescue Abandoned Carts

As many as 69.57% of online shopping carts are abandoned, which means for every 100 potential customers, 70 leave without ever purchasing anything. The good news is there are ways to rescue abandoned shopping carts with Shopify apps. Your potential customers automatically receive an alert about their abandoned carts, and you can sweeten the deal with a limited-time promo code to prompt action.

Focus on Value-Add Sales

jar of coins spilled over- ecommerce strategy - digital nomad designsStand out in the sea of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales with value-added services. These serves add value to at least one area of the online shopping experience:

  • Limited-time upgrade
  • Discounted bundle
  • Free shipping
  • Complimentary tech support for electronics or software
  • Future discount codes

It’s wise to A/B test your value-adds to see which ones work the best for your online store. The next time sales season rolls around; you’ll know which ones will most likely convert and maximize your time and resources.

Gamify Your Sales

Gamification grabs your customers’ attention and keeps them on your site for more shopping. Run a spin-a-wheel campaign on your ecommerce site where customers click, watch a wheel spin, and snag discounts or freebies. Another idea is online scratch cards or treasure hunts that keep customers hunting for their prize. There are plenty of gamification apps to automate the process for you and enhance your ecommerce strategy. Just fill in the details and let your contest app run.

Run a Secret Sale After Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The opportunity to rake in the revenue isn’t over once Cyber Monday and Black Friday are done. You can also launch a secret sale to anyone on your email list that didn’t convert. Tease out a limited-time, last-minute sale and include a value-adds like an automatic upgrade or BOGO. You’ll entice shoppers who wished they had bought earlier and are thrilled with the last-minute opportunity to save big.

Next Steps

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just a small part of your ecommerce strategy. Make sure your online store is ready to go year-round, making the holiday shopping season a seamless experience. Ready to work with an ecommerce development and design team that takes your online store to new levels? Book a call with us today!