Growing and scaling an online business takes time and persistence to see results but also requires a strategy. You may have heard up to 90% of companies fail within the first few years, but research also shows that 14% fail due to poor marketing. Those figures may look sobering but signals an opportunity to stand out from your competition by mastering your strategy with the help of a Digital Marketing Specialist Austin.

Whether you’re new to online business or struggling to grow your existing website, here’s how online marketing can dramatically impact your results.

Create a Conversion-Optimized Website

There’s good news if you’re an online business owner; it’s easier than ever to get online immediately with resources like WordPress and Shopify. However, getting a website online and growing a business are two different skills. Unless you have a strong following on social media or other avenues, you’re unlikely to attract customers willing to buy with a subpar website.

A conversion-optimized design is a must-have to create a clean, intuitive interface that focuses on the User Experience and User Interface. When prospective customers arrive and don’t know what to do or how to navigate your site quickly, they’re unlikely to stick around. The trend of stopping by and leaving immediately also increases your bounce rate and will discourage Google from ranking your site favorably.

Focus on the User Experience

Let’s talk more about the User Experience (UX). Building a website and business that focuses on the User Experience is integral to the design and marketing process. Your customers want to show up, quickly navigate your products and services, and experience a stress-free and rewarding shopping process. UX is crucial to your success, with studies showing that 88% of online shoppers say they wouldn’t return to a website after having a bad user experience.

Master Your Content Marketing

 Digital Marketing Specialist Austin - Video Content Marketing Content marketing is an effective way to raise awareness about your business and increase your organic search results. One of the best parts about content marketing is its flexibility to focus on your zone of genius. Create video tutorials, blog posts, user guides, gift guides, tip sheets, and Q&As to serve your target audience and offer valuable information. When done well, content marketing also focuses on SEO to increase your search results and drive targeted traffic.

Focus on SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, helps improve your site to gain organic traffic. You want people to Google keywords relevant to your online business and find your products and services. However, it takes time and effort and an SEO strategy to earn Google’s attention. Everything from quality content marketing to lightning-fast site speed and a rock-solid user interface all impact your SEO. A Digital Marketing Specialist Austin should have deep knowledge of the SEO space with a proven track record for earning results.

Drive Qualified Traffic

There’s something many online marketing specialists Austin won’t tell you. You may easily earn traffic through ads and social media posts, but it won’t necessarily generate conversions. Unless your digital marketing efforts are highly targeted, you may be getting lukewarm interest, unqualified leads, or the wrong target audience.

Make a Lasting Impression

Customers need to resonate with your business to come back for more or generate buzz for your products and services. Fantastic design is just one stop in the process, but you also need to focus on a comprehensive branding strategy. From package design to social media templates, a Digital Marketing Specialist Austin creates a winning branding strategy to help you stand out and be remembered.

Test, Analyze, and Repeat

Digital Marketing Specialist Austin - Content MarketingUnless you test your results and make tweaks, your marketing results will likely feel haphazard and unfocused. Digital Marketing Specialist Austin should obsessively focus on your results with the help of online analytics, A/B testing, and years of honing their craft. Success requires testing and analyzing marketing efforts and making changes accordingly.

Digital Nomad Designs Testimonials

Here’s what some of our clients are saying about our Digital Marketing Specialist Austin services.

“Ari was phenomenal when it came to meeting the needs that we set out for her in developing our new website top to bottom, walking us through each step of the process clearly, and helping us set up merchant accounts and affiliate marketing. It was the best company I have ever worked with when creating an online presence. I will definitely be working with them again and highly recommend them.” Alex, Genesis Lifestyle Labs

“DND (Digital Nomad Designs) did a complete overhaul on my site and I’m beyond happy wit it. Everything from the aesthetic, the goals I have with it, how it went was exceptional. I can’t recommend them enough.” – Jared, Hamilton Trained

Final Thoughts

Mastering your online marketing just scratches the surface of growing a successful business. You still need a comprehensive strategy for branding UX, UI, and how to scale. Do you want to talk to the team at Digital Nomad Designs about your digital marketing ideas and how to grow your business effectively? Book a complimentary call here for questions and to discuss your project further.