Launching and growing a Shopify store is more than a hobby, but a profitable venture with plenty of competition. Online shopping was already trending, but the pandemic only fueled the growth of online shopping. Between March 2020 and January 2022, the number of stores on Shopify grew by 201.53%. The rise of digital nomads and remote work also gave entrepreneurs a path towards a location-independent business solution that they could take anywhere.

If you’re ready to take the next step, make sure you build a sound strategy for success. Instead of starting from scratch, work with the best Shopify marketing experts Austin.

What Are Best Shopify Marketing Experts Austin?

Shopify marketing experts Austin are pros on the platform and helping businesses grow. Keep in mind no piece of paper gives someone credentials to call themself an expert. It takes experience and a track record of success, although they should have access to the best tools and resources possible. Shopify offers an exclusive Shopify Partner program to help online entrepreneurs, developers, and marketers to succeed with access to:

  • Custom website development
  • Migration from other platforms
  • Business planning and consultation
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • UX and design
  • Marketing, branding, and ongoing strategy
  • System and app integrations
  • Digital marketing solutions

Build Organic Traffic

Some marketers ignore SEO and leave it up to the client or assign it to the web development team. In reality, SEO is a significant part of the digital marketing process. Building organic traffic is a long game but one that can’t be compromised. A winning SEO strategy blends best practices, keyword research, UX, and metadata. Site speed, bounce rate, and backlinks all impact your SEO.

Establish Expertise

Content marketing is more than an opportunity to promote your online store; it also helps establish your expertise. Blogging, creating YouTube tutorials, or launching a podcast are all ways to develop a know, like, and trust factor with your audience. Another benefit is the SEO potential. Content marketing and SEO should go hand-in-hand and work together to give your traffic an organic boost.

Choose the Right Apps

Shopify offers hundreds of apps that help with everything from SEO to email marketing. There is a caveat. Using the wrong apps can distract your audience, decrease your site speed, and conflict with your plugins. Make sure your apps are efficient and functional and add value to your store. Leveraging social media apps and cross-selling apps are a few places to start.

Tools like apps and plugins are why you need more than the best Shopify marketing experts Austin to help grow your business. Working with a team of marketers and developers makes the most of your online store and the user experience. The Digital Nomad Designs team also includes designers, copywriters, and branding strategies for a comprehensive approach to building your online store.

Convert More Traffic

The best marketing strategy on the planet won’t do much if you can’t convert the traffic you have. If potential customers land on your site and quickly leave, there’s an issue with your site design, products, UX, UI, or a little of everything. The best Shopify marketing experts Austin can help untangle the conversion puzzle to help get your revenue back on track.

Get Results in Your Online Business

Studies show that ecommerce sites convert at about 2.86%, and new store owners should aim for 1% to 2%. Although those numbers may be standard, they can be improved with a sound strategy and a team focused on success. You need a strategy for recovery apps, cross-selling, upselling, UX, SEO, and more. With the right tools in place, you can reach your goals faster and more efficiently than before. 

Final Thoughts

Take your ecommerce store to the next level with the help of the best Shopify marketing experts Austin. Digital Nomad Designs is focused on your long-term success and keeping you in your zone of genius while we work in ours. Reach out to the team at Digital Nomad Designs about your product and marketing goals by booking a free call here to discuss your project.