4 Services the Best Custom Ecommerce Development Companies Offer in Austin 

Digital Nomad Designs is the one-stop shop for all your website needs, locally in Austin and nationwide. We’ve got you covered from customizing and creating WordPress and Shopify sites to optimizing your current website. Digital Nomad Designs stands out from the competition because of the unique services we provide to our ecommerce clients with our laser-focused design strategies that get you results and conversions. You’ll know you’re working with the best custom ecommerce development company when they offer these 4 services: Shopify and WordPress, SEO, Ecommerce strategy, and branding. 

Custom Ecommerce Development Services: Shopify and WordPressEcommerce Website Development Company Austin - Digital Nomad Designs

WordPress and Shopify are some of the most popular Ecommerce websites, and as an Austin ecommerce developer, we specialize in both. We create a Shopify website designed and optimized to convert while incorporating your brand colors, fonts, and needs. Our recent work ranges from popular industries like athleisure wear and clothing to more specialized businesses like Devil Dog Pet Co. that sells dog toys, food, treats and a barber. No matter the industry or speciality you provide to your clients, we can create a customized shop for you and your company in Austin. 

Did you know WordPress has over 75 million sites and 14.7% of them make up the top 100 websites in the world? How does yours stand out? We help your website stand out while also creating a design that creates leads and conversion for you. To create a website and design that converts your website visitors into customers and clients, we optimize your SEO (we’ll cover what that actually means next). Our recent work includes industries like health, home repair, home builders, and medical. 

Your website is your ultimate sales person, which is why it needs to be designed by the best custom ecommerce development company in Austin. Our web designs focus on the user experience, which gets you the leads you want. If you need help with your Shopify or WordPress website, contact us

Custom Ecommerce Development Services: Search Engine Optimization

Our first strategy for creating leads is improving your search engine optimization. In the initial setup and improvement phase, we audit your website to see where SEO can be improved. We set up analytics and add the necessary SEO optimization tools like adding tags, meta descriptions, meta titles, and keywords to every page. 

After the setup and improvement phase, we maintain your website with a competitive analysis, ongoing keyword research and updates, backlinks, and more SEO tools. The last phase is SEO maintenance deliverables. Every week, we give your website up to 70 backlinks, one content-rich landing page, and reports based on the analytics metrics we installed earlier in the set up phase. 

Custom Ecommerce Development Services: Ecommerce Strategy

Now that you have a website and it’s optimized for SEO so you’ll rank higher on search engines, it’s time to nail down the ecomerce strategy. When you work with Digital Nomad Designs, we help improve your existing store with custom integrations to grow your sales and conversion rates. 

Custom Ecommerce Development Services: Graphic Design & BrandingBlog Post Ideas - Social Media

Branding is crucial for a company’s success. If your fonts, colors, tone of voice, and mood aren’t all the same across all platforms, how will your client know who they’re buying from? That’s where we step in. Branding is a key part of a custom ecommerce development process, and DND can help you! We help create a StoryBrand Framework, style guide and branding kit, custom graphics, and branded photography. Consistent branding help customers recognize you easier, which encourages trust and connection with your customers, too. 

Ecommerce Development Credentials

Our Austin-based company is made up of talented individuals with specialized skills that benefit our clients and make their websites so successful. Besides our amazing nationwide team, we are also Google Analytics certified and a Shopify Agency Partner. At the end of the day though, we aim to help businesses establish size and increase client confidence. Our mission is to help your business succeed in its online presence. Need help increasing your online presence or optimizing your website? Contact us! Fill out the form below to get your free audit.