If you’re struggling to grow your ecommerce business, don’t know where to start, or just don’t have time to take care of all of the details, an Austin Texas Shopify eCommerce Agency can help. Instead of doing it all yourself, bring in an expert team that focuses on your success. Not sure where to start? Here’s what to expect.

Keyboard with shopping cart - Austin Texas Shopify eCommerce AgencyWhat Does an Austin Texas Shopify eCommerce Agency Do?

An Austin Texas Shopify eCommerce Agency works as an external arm of your business and helps you establish, grow, and maintain your ecommerce presence. All agencies work a little differently, but Digital Nomad Designs offers a combination of web development, SEO, copywriting, marketing strategy, and back-end maintenance, all while practicing the latest in digital marketing trends.

Scale Your Business Faster

Mountain climbing - Austin Texas Shopify eCommerce AgencyResearch shows 70% of shop owners take on two or more roles daily, and 53% take on three or more functions. And we discovered which roles are getting in the way and which ones owners see as the biggest key to growth in the upcoming year.

Focus on Your Zone of Genius

How much time do you spend working in your business instead of on it? Surveys show that small business owners and an additional employee will spend an average of 20-hours per week on marketing. That’s 20-hours you could allocate towards product development, hiring, sales, or customer service. 

Unless your zone of genius is, in fact, ecommerce web development and marketing, you should leave it to an Austin Texas Shopify eCommerce Agency to take care of it for you. Instead of minding all the details of building your site and maintaining your ecommerce store, you get to focus on the areas you love most. 

Get Technical Expertise

An Austin Texas Shopify eCommerce Agency should eat, sleep, and breathe all things online shopping. That expertise includes understanding which plugins and apps work best and how to quickly and efficiently build a site with the latest technology like headless website design. Getting your technology right the first time saves time, money, and resources in your business.

Stay On Top of Relevant Trends

Ecommerce changes so rapidly it’s a full-time job just keeping on top of the trends. Less than a decade ago, mobile and video were just emerging as best practices in marketing. Today, YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. We’re also seeing new technology entering the web development space. It’s also essential to remember that marketing isn’t just about attracting people to your business; it’s also about keeping them there. Business owners also need to focus on UI and UX as part of their overall marketing and conversion strategy.

Earn Measurable Results

Google analytics and Shopify storesDigital marketing agency services only go so far. You also need a tangible return on your investment (ROI). Digital Nomad Designs provides analytic reports and feedback on what’s working in your marketing strategy. Want to see an example of effective marketing in action? Read our digital marketing case study on taking a seasonal product with little organic traffic to #1 in Google.

Final Thoughts

Although digital marketing takes time to scale, it’s also not that mysterious. You just need a solid partnership with an Austin Texas Shopify eCommerce Agency that understands your unique challenges and is willing to put in the work to bring your online traffic roadmap to life. Want to talk to the team at Digital Nomad Designs about your product and marketing goals? Book a free call here to discuss your project.