If you want your website to rank high on Google, you want to ensure your SEO companies expert in Austin is creating a great user experience. Not only will a user-friendly experience helps users, but it will also help your SEO ranking. These are 6 actions every SEO companies expert should be doing to optimize your website for a higher search engine ranking. 

Action #1: Provide Good Content

SEO expert blogging, SEO expert writing contentGoogle likes when your website has long, relevant, and unique content. There is a lot of content already out there, so it’s important to make yours special. Your content should stand out to the user and to the search engine.

Not only does this help the user, but search engines like good content because it provides context. For example, a paragraph from your page can be used to generate a text snippet for an image. Speaking of images, this also means using visuals to add to the topic. 

The key to this action is providing relevant content. Your Austin SEO companies expert shouldn’t be using filler words just to reach a certain number of words or adding in photos just for SEO. Your SEO companies expert should be optimizing content and images to create a great user experience. And when a user likes the experience of interacting with your website or page, so will Google.

Action #2 Austin SEO Companies Experts Should Be Doing: Optimizing Placement

Going back to utilizing visuals with good, relevant content, your SEO companies expert should be conscious of where they utilize the visuals. Images should be placed near relevant text. And images should be high-quality. High-quality images will attract more users, which means your page gets more traffic. 

This also means not embedding text inside images. Not all users can access text inside images like page headings and menu items, so this hurts your usability score. This will cause Google to hurt your SEO ranking. Instead, your SEO companies expert should be providing alt text for images and using HTML. Lastly, your SEO companies expert should be renaming the image so it’s related to the text. 

Action #3 for Austin SEO Companies Expert: Device-Friendly

Outside of providing good content, your SEO companies expert should be optimizing that content to be accessible on all devices. Most users do a search on their smartphones rather than on laptops nowadays. So it means your website should be kept up to date and should also be optimized for mobile use. It’s why website design for all device types and sizes is so important. 

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Action #4: Fast Load Times

Your Austin SEO companies expert should be checking behind the scenes of your website. This means checking for load times. Fast load times improve the user experience but also your SEO ranking. In addition, fast load times help users engage with your website so you’ll see more results. Issues with loading times can vary from large images to code. Large images are usually the culprit, so you want to ensure your SEO companies expert is optimizing the image to improve load times. 

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Action #5: Unique Titles and Descriptions

Just like how your clothes have a home in your closet, titles and descriptions should have a home on every page. Every website page should have a unique title and description. This means titles should be between 60-65 characters and descriptions of about 150 characters. This action helps improve your search engine rankings because Google Images automatically generates a title link and snippet for each image. The information found in the title, description, and meta tags helps create the snippet Google creates. Then that image and snippet can help the user decide if they click on the image or not. 

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Action #6 SEO Companies Experts Should Be Doing: Pages Have Structure

To create a user-friendly experience with your website that will not only benefit the user, but also your SEO, is having web pages with structure. This means each page should have a header, menu, page title, optimized text, author information, and footer. Without those elements, your website isn’t as user-friendly as it could be. This could be causing you to rank lower on search engines. 

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