You’re in good company if you’re trying to launch or grow a Shopify store. Research shows that the number of Shopify stores grew 201.53% between March 2020 and January 2022. But with so much competition, how does your online store stand-out from the crowd? Whether you have an established store or are growing something new, a Shopify designer Irvine can skyrocket your results in a fraction of the time.

Here’s what to consider and why you should secure design help ASAP.

1) Save Time and Resources

When you hire a Shopify designer Irvine, you free up time and resources in your ecommerce business. Sure, Shopify offers free DIY templates to help you get started, but you’ll end up with a generic design that doesn’t speak to your unique branding and  needs. Instead, your shop will likely look like the millions of other Shopify stores vying for a corner of the marketplace. 

Beyond the time you save on web design, you also save big in other areas of your business. Ask yourself how much time you’re spending on your website and where you’re playing catch-up in your business. When you’re not doing busy work, you can stay in your zone of genius, research new products, and grow your store instead of dealing with the nitty gritty details of designing and maintaining a website.

2) Optimize UX and UI

The User Experience (UX) and the User Interface (UI) are integral to increasing your revenue. Both UX and UI make an impact on how a customer experiences your site, from finding products to the check-out process. Both aspects are also crucial to your success and can make or break your business. Forrester Research reports that 50% of potential sales are missed because users are unable to find the information they need to make the purchase. 

UX and UI also makes a direct impact on your SEO. Google looks at your bounce rate, or how quickly people leave your website, and will penalize your ranking accordingly. Design-related SEO also includes utilizing font size, colors, typography, site speed, and more to make the website easier to navigate. You end up with a stronger SEO presence to attract the organic traffic you need to thrive. 

3) Maximize the Shopify Platform

Shopify makes their platform intuitive, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to maximize its full potential without the expertise to back it up. Digital Nomad Designs is part of the Shopify Partner Program, offering comprehensive documentation, learning portal with courses and guide, enhanced support, and a thriving partner community. We specialize in building thriving Shopify sites and make sure you’re using the right layout, SEO, plugins, apps, and more to make the most of the platform to grow your store.

4) Get Ongoing Website Maintenance

Depending on the Shopify designer Irvine you hire, you can ask about ongoing maintenance and support to keep growing your store. From adding products to enhancing your SEO and running analytic reports, you’ll get robust access to a team that’s invested in your store’s success. Ask Digital Nomad Designs about SEO, maintenance, and an overall website audit to help optimize your business.

5) Increase Your Revenue

When you hire a Shopify designer Irvine, you’re making an investment in your own success and revenue potential. The combination of the right design, layout, SEO, layout, branding, and more all contributes to a more user-friendly shopping experience your customers are looking for. As a result, you scale up your business faster than before and realize the income that’s been waiting for you.

Hire a Shopify Designer Irvine

When you’re ready to take the next steps and hire a Shopify designer Irvine, we’re here to help. Digital Nomad Designs are Shopify web design experts and Shopify Partners. Whether it’s SEO, shop management, content creation, or A/B testing, our goal is to always optimize the user experience and improve the conversion rate. Ready to launch or grow your online store? Book a call with us today.